Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My List of 3's at Burritos & Tacos Restaurant (B&T): A review

We were invited by B&T Mexican Kitchen Marketing Manager, Eric Tan, and Chef Philip Tan for a Blogger's event at Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen or what the restaurant's patrons call B&T Mexican Kitchen to taste the restaurant's sumptuous and colorful menu. I don't usually review restaurants but I want to know if I will get value for my money in this restaurant and besides I love Mexican food (mostly nachos and dips). I also heard that the serving at B&T Mexican Kitchen is really big. So I wonder, "How big is big"?

To give you the highlights of the B&T Bloggers' event I have enumerated here 3 things I love about B&T Mexican Kitchen and 3 things I wish B&T Mexican Kitchen had.

The top 3 things I loved about B&T are as follows:

1. I like their 3-step DIY meals. Its not really DIY since you don't really go to their kitchen and serve yourself. Its more like you tell the staff what combination you like for your meal and that's what they prepare for you. Honestly, I did not try this but I heard from fellow bloggers that its a must-try especially if you are with your barkada, family or even a date. Hence, I really like the idea which is also one of the reasons why I want to bring my family at B&T Mexican Kitchen.

2. I like the coziness and ambiance of B&T Mexican Kitchen especially the music. I found an eclectic combination of customers during my two visits in this restaurant. There were couples enjoying a meal, office workers hanging out and barkadas. All of them are at B&T Mexican Kitchen to enjoy a good Mexican meal.

3. Finally, I really enjoyed the food. After trying out the burger and quesadillas, I was really full but not the kind of full that I couldn't breathe anymore. I was "satisfied full". And for the purpose of reviewing this Mexican restaurant regarding value for money, I give it a full score.

All in all, I really I enjoyed my Mexican dining experience at B&T Mexican Kitchen but there are some tiny little things which could have made it perfect!

1. I wish that B&T Mexican Kitchen was accessible to commuters. Currently, B&T is located at G/F 368 Sekai Center, Ortigas Corner Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan. For those who live at North Greenhills or studying at Xavier or ICA, B&T Mexican Kitchen will be very accessible to you. If you're coming from Gilmore, just drive along Ortigas and it will be on your left side. The closest landmark will be the second gate of North Greenhills. However, for somebody like me who lives at Quezon City, to commute going to B&T will take about about 4 rides or about P200 in taxi fare.

2. I wish there is a B&T Mexican Kitchen barkada meal package. Since this Mexican restaurant is just walking distance from two big schools like Xavier and ICA, I was imagining it would be a great hang-out place. The price range for meals at B&T starts at P300 excluding drinks.

3. I wish there was overflowing salsa. Well this is a list about wishes so if I were to have my way and really enjoy my Mexican food I wish to have overflowing salsa I can readily get from and maybe experiment also. The reason for this wish is because I love to eat tomatoes and I'm kinda shy to constantly ask for a refill since the salsa container is kinda small and I'm thinking its just enough for one bite. If Mang Inasal's selling point is the free rice refills then my ideal Mexican restaurant will have refillable salsa (Yipee!). And yes the salsa at B&T Mexican Kitchen is yummy. Actually, I was not able to finish my order because the servings at B&T are really big (in my opinion).

Crunchy and chewy at the same time. B&T quesadillas are perfect for sharing.

If I have one fantasy while eating in a Mexican restaurant that will be
overflowing salsa while eating nachos.

I was told that one food blogger who is actually thinner than me can actually
gulf down my order in one sitting.

Two people can actually eat just one order of B&T burger but if you're really hungry
then you will really maximize B&T's serving.

My favorite Mexican food so far at B&T.

I really wish to share my experience in this Mexican restaurant and I am so glad that I have an opportunity to do that now. Currently, B&T has a promo in its Facebook page. According to their page "(B&T Mexican Kitchen) Will be raffling off 50 winners to get 50% DISCOUNT on personal food order when membership of B&T MEXICAN KITCHEN hits 200."

To contact B&T, you may call them at 975-1850. You can also like their page at Facebook to get a chance to win a 50% discount!

Till the next post... :)

My blog is about consumerism and I am not a food expert. My goal is only to tell about my experience as a consumer. The ideas, opinions, thoughts reflected in this blog is solely mine.

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