Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Voice Coaching Seminar By Vocal Coach Rona: Review and Updates

Last December 2010, I attended a Vocal Coaching Seminar by Vocal Coach Rona Culata-De Leon. My goal for attending this seminar is to be able to sing at least one song without embarrassing myself.

From the seminar I learned different things about the element of voice. In a nutshell, here are the significant points I learned:
a. where is voice coming from
b. how can we create the voice we want
c. proper breathing
d. improper breathing
e. effects of over-working your vocal cords and how can you avoid it

Vocal coach Rona was very pleasant and supportive to her student's needs. If she could she would listen to each of us perform every activity but as you well know that will take a lot of time time and with quite a number of participants in the seminar that would have taken hours. The next best thing was to call on volunteers who would like to perform in front of us.

Overall, I learned a lot how not to overwork my voice to avoid what we call in Filipino "piyok".

To end the seminar, Vocal Coach Rona showcased her talent by singing one song to us.

Vocal Coach Rona will have another vocal coaching seminar in Davao. The vocal coaching seminar will be held on March 12-13, 1-5pm at Lispher Inn, at University Avenue, Juna, Davao City. Workshop fee for 2 days is Php 1,500.00. Contact Person is Rochelle Venuti 0922-8575267.

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  1. Interesting. I am thinking of learning from her. What kind of exercises did you do for the voice?