Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vote for Shamcey Supsup in the 2011 Miss Universe Online Poll

If it means putting the Philippines in the beauty pageant arena map for this year's 2011 Miss Universe Online Poll then I am proud to make this post as a sign of support to a fellow countrymen.
Vote for Miss Shamcey Supsup for the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant
For the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant, the candidate who tops the 2011 Miss Universe Online Poll will be automatically joining the roster for the Top 16 in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant that will happen in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Let's prove to the whole world how powerful social media is here in the Philippines and exercise the value of bayanihan by voting for Miss Shamcey Supsup in the 2011 Miss Universe Online Poll.

Here are the steps for the 2011 Miss Universe Online Poll:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Search for the Blogger Apprentice 2011: The Magic 6

When I first saw Mr. Jonel Uy's search for the Blogger Apprentice 2011 I know I saw an opportunity I cannot pass. Aside from the obvious benefits I will get from the program such as to be an apprentice for an established blogger such as Mr. Uy and to be working with peers who are as invested as I am to the craft I love, I know that Blogger Apprentice 2011 is a chance of a lifetime. When I applied for the Blogger Apprenticeship Program of Mr. Jonel Uy, my goal is to be part of a team that will be significant to my journey in reaching the excellence and quality I aspire to achieve as a blogger for my chosen niche. I would like to be part of a team that will support each other in reaching a common goal.

Ia Adam Lim: One of the Top 6 for the Search for Blogger Apprentice 2011

Mr. Jonel Uy of

Some of the Blogger Apprentice 2011 Candidates: Batch 1 and 2

I understand my two cents here can be interpreted in many ways but let me tell you in black and white what exactly I mean. I want to work interdependently with other bloggers. To differentiate the terms let me give a few scenarios. A general notion for bloggers is that bloggers work independently from each other. That bloggers are like lone cowboys since the blogger is the writer, editor, publisher, proofreader of his or her own online journal. But as the number of bloggers grew, groups and cliques were formed. It started as small groups at first joined by a common interest like food, beauty, fashion, travel and the list can go on. The relationship in turn have become dependent to each other for some R&R's (retweets and reposts) and other forms of support to promote the now blogger friends online.

Bloggers Apprentice's Magic 6 Announcement & Thanksgiving Dinner

Blogger Apprentice's Magic 6 Announcement & Thanksgiving Dinner

But the relationship does not stop there, new bloggers are added each day and now there is a ballooning number of newbies who needs direction. However, I think the blogging arena in the Philippines (and I claim this as my opinion only and not as a fact) is at its entropy stage. There is disorder because there is a need to unify different thoughts that started as independent ideas. Naturally conflict arises because there are too many variables to consider. However, in an interdependent relationship, it is one that is "dynamic of being mutually and physically responsible to, and sharing a common set of principles with others".

The Top 5 (in random order) of the Bloggers Apprentice 2011 Magic 6

The Top 5 (in random order) of the Bloggers Apprentice 2011 Magic 6

The Top 5 (in random order) of the Bloggers Apprentice 2011 Magic 6

And I think we need to give bloggers its time to evolve; to grow; to modify and to adapt. Then again will the time bloggers need to become a unified system be enough to answer the urgent matters and different pressing issues that have to be solved right away? Because from where I see it, what makes bloggers successful is also the same thing that weakens it. There are just too many people with different ideas (and sometimes too loud ideas) that we cannot hear each other anymore. Just like in a normal conversation, no communication can be achieved if everybody is talking at the same time. I can point out several current issues to enumerate these pressing concerns but then again my abstractions will be chaotic as well with no direction.

Some of the Girl Candidates of Bloggers Apprentice 2011 (From left to right: Krystele; ia adam lim; Larizza and Sugar) including Jonel Uy (middle)

And for me that is what the Blogger Apprentice I signed up for is all about. I know its time for me to listen and I want to listen to somebody who is learned. To grow personally and vicariously together with a mentor and other apprentices. It will take a different kind of maturity and preparation; a higher level of conviction and another angle of perception to be an apprentice. An apprentice is defined as:

a. A person "bound by indenture to serve another for a prescribed period with a view to learning an art or trade"

b: one who is learning by practical experience under skilled workers a trade, art, or calling

I would like to emphasize the keywords in these apprentice definitions which are "to serve"; "to learn an art and trade" and lastly "practical experience". And yes I want to learn this trade; this art which is also my calling. And I want to learn to do it right because I know I have a responsibility for the next bloggers to show them also the standard it requires to be an established and reputable blogger.

Lastly, I would like to commend my husband who is also a blogger in his own league. I now appreciate why it takes a long time for him to make a post in his blog and that is because something good cannot be rushed. Just like wine, it takes its sweet time to age and mature.

Jappy Lim of

The search for the next Blogger Apprentice 2011 is not yet over. Tonight, the top 3 will be chosen from the Magic 6 bloggers. The Magic 6 will meet at 7pm dinner in Zong Eton, Centris after the 2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila 2011 before going to the Gran Prix Hotel in Quezon City for the final challenge.

Just as entropy happens, homeostasis follows. I am super excited and nervous at the same time for the Final Challenge of the Blogger Apprentice 2011. I would like to put up a good and evena great fight for the Blogger Apprentice slot because I know it will be worth it.

Ia Adam-Lim at the Bloggers Apprentice 2011 Magic 6

If your interested to join the 2012 Search for the Blogger Apprentice, you can check out updates at

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Photos Courtesy of:
Bloggers Apprentice's Magic 6 Announcement & Thanksgiving Dinner by Ria
Hazel Lumandog of retrievedAugust 20, 2011 from

I hope to hear about your thoughts about the Search for Blogger Apprentice. Feel free to voice out what you think and what you feel for a Blogger Apprentice Program.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Catwoman of the Dark Knight Rises (First Look and Movie Trailer)

I have an entirely different post I had to write for today but after seeing the first look of the third sequel of the Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises, I decided I have waited for this movie long enough it's just have to be my first post of the day!

(Anne Hathaway: First Look of Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises)

(Anne Hathaway: First Look of Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises)

For the third sequel of the Dark Knight movie, the original cast under Christopher Nolan's direction namely: Christian Bale (Dark Knight), Gary Oldman (Lt. James Gordon), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox) and Michael Caine (Alfred) will be joined by new characters like Anne Hathaway (Catwoman), Joseph Gordon Levitt (John Blake), Marion Cotillard (Miranda Tate) and Tom Hardy (Bane).

Eversince I first saw Catwoman in the television series of Batman played by actress Julie Newmar I know I will have a long standing admiration for this beautiful villain. Since then several actresses followed her footsteps and one who wished she didn't take the role (cough cough Halle Berry). In fairness to Halle Berry she accepted her Worst Actress Award in person and acknowledged the fact that the movie did not stand at par to her credibility as an Academy Award winner. Berry's Catwoman version received a rotten tomato standing of 10% and an audience rating of 34% ,

So let's go back to the good if not great and legendary Catwoman versions. Julie Newmar set up the standard of what we should expect from Catwoman, which is somebody who has beauty and brains (in real-life Newmar graduated at the age of 15) albeit a distorted character. She is one of those few villains I just find hard to hate. Similar to the story of most villains, a tragic incident forced Catwoman to think and do the unimaginable and take on her darker side.

My respect for the character deepened after Michelle Pfeiffer potrayed the vixen villain in the 1992 Batman movie "Batman returns". The chemistry among the characters especially between Penguin and Catwoman was just demented. Who could forget that scene where Catwoman literally swallows Penguin's (well I don't know how else to say this...) "bird" (Oh you know what I mean!)? Wasn't that scene full of tension (well for me sexual tension)? And that for me was one of the memorable scenes where I began to appreciate villains and the complexity of their personalities which in turn I think gave rise to villains you just love to be bad like the Joker (Heath Ledger), the Penguin (Danny DeVito) and many more.

Anne Hathaway is not my first choice in mind for the character of Catwoman. I will be biased about this but I think Angelina would have played the role better (Doesn't Newmar and Jolie have a similar sinister look in the pictures below or is it just my imagination!). But then come to think of it Jolie being too popular and those signature lips would have made Jolie the center of attention rather than Catwoman. Just by looking at those lips behind the mask I mean who wouldn't recognize that!

Julie Newmar (First Catwoman/1960's Batman Television Series)

(Angelina Jolie in leather)

My vote actually goes to Underworld Star, Kate Beckinsale. I mean she has already proven that she can wear a black leather jumpsuit be drop-dead gorgeous and do her physical stunts. And she is the perfect height (not too tall)!But alas, that will all be wishful thinking now.

So just like all Catwoman fans out there plus a gigantic expectation since the last Dark Knight movie, I am sure everyone following this trilogy are all excited to see the first look of the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises Warner Brother movie.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Stuffed Crust Pizza was Invented

My family and I went had stuffed crust pizza from Pizza hut last week after a whole week of rain and stormy days. My husband and I talked about the status of our blogs and how much it had open opportunities for us.

I first learned about Nuffnang while looking for ways to earn through my blogging but I heard about how cool it was to be a Nuffnang blogger from my food blogger friends particularly from Darryl Villena of I was excited to hear from her the prizes, perks and privileges (3 P's) she has received from blogging different topics and products posted by Nuffnang for its bloggers. Hence, informally I call these 3 P's is the reason why being a Nuffnang blogger is the next hottest thing. It's a win-win arrangement both for the advertisers and for the bloggers. It also makes us remember what blogging is all about which is giving H.O.T. (honest, open and trusted) opinions about something that we have experienced and witnessed about almost everything under the sun.

Now going back to my dinner with family, as we savor our stuffed crust pizza meal and enjoy the 50% promo discount of the day which happened to be Caesar salad and mushroom soup, it was good to reminisce how blogging has actually shaped my life. And now hopefully, as a H.O.T. Nuffnang blogger, I have more stories to share to keep my writing on fire.

Pizza Hut now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

Dial 911-11-11 if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (Movie Review in the Philippines)

I was able to watch the Captain America: The First Avenger in big screen during the blocked screening of Captain America at the Mall of Asia last Friday July 29, 2011 courtesy of and

Before the movie started, the guests of the screening were entertained by different cosplayers with their colorful costumes and animated poses. Since the invitees were priveleged to bring guests, I brought a friend of mine who in turn brought her two-year old child. Children and adults alike enjoyed the cosplayers especially the ones who were dressed as Captain America.

As for the movie, it started almost on time which is good compared to other exclusive premiers or screenings I have been attending so far.

I would like to give my ratings for Captain America: the First Avenger movie using three criteria namely: length of movie; plot and actors.

The movie runs for 2 hours which I think is just enough time to cover the story. It was not too long for me nor was it too short. The movie was able to cover the important parts of how Steve Rogers became the "Captain America" and his first nemesis, the Red Skull.

As for the plot, I find the screenplay honestly close to the comics which is good because it showed respect for the humble beginnings of this all American hero. I really like the script and the message it implies. From the movie, audience will appreciate that strength and brute may force people to do one's bidding but character is still the best when it comes to making impressionable change.

As for the characters of the story, I had my apprehension when Chris Evans was cast as Captain America since he came out already as Johnny Storm or as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie. That now changed because I think this is one of his movies where he will be remembered especially when The Avengers movie comes out next year. My husband and I were talking and he said that the Captain America movie is comparable to the first Iron Man movie which made fans want to have a sequel. I also liked Tommy Lee Jones playing Colonel Chester Phillips. He gave the character a sarcastic but funny impression of a an army man who wants to win a war but at the same time in tuned with the reality of the resources he only has. I remember the part when Captain America asked if Colonel Phillips has a plan for rescuing the POW's and he said "Yes, and its called winning the war". Colonel Chester Phillips was trying not to be pessimistic but at the same time he was brutally blunt and frank of the situation the troops were currently in. And who could forget Colonel Chester Phillips' response when Captain America received his goodbye kiss from the beautiful Peggy Carter while trying to catch Red Skull's plane. Everyone gave a short chuckle with his comment "I'm not kissing you.". That remark made the ultimate cliche "one last kiss scene" not so cliche anymore.

Ultimately, I think the movie was well-cast and I wouldn't want to change anything else. Even the kids in the movie house watching with us seem to be really enjoying the movie because you can hear them react to some of the scenes with laughter and gasps.

Below is the review my friend made. She is not a professional movie reviewer but she is definitely a consumer and this is what she has to say about her experience:

Great movie! It has exceeded my expectations. The visuals are very exciting and full of surprises. I have been waiting for this Captain America movie for a while now... With two Ironman movies already done and this Captain America I have just watched, I think I missed on the Thor movie. Which I have not seen yet...

The actors did a remarkable performance with substance for their characters esp Chris Evans. It was amazing how they made Chris Evans look so small... Then he felt 'taller'... The evaporating (if I may call it) people getting hit by the secret weapon would realistically be impossible - is it...? But I guess with the Red Skull and Howard Stark, we never know. At least, I now know when to use FONDUE in a sentence... haha!

I wish movie-goers would realize that if your in the theater, you do not use your mobile phone... I can see additional lighting from the mobile phone of the front row. Should I have tossed popcorn (or stones) at them? hmmm...! There were also other mumbling behind us... Oh well...

With a historic background starting from the beginning, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Until the story progresses into the action figure, and a true American hero. With a touch of laughter here and there!

Stay after the credits to see the trailer of the upcoming Avengers movie! I may say I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to the sequel next summer!

Again thank you so much to the organizers of the Captain America: The First Avengers Block Screening and more power to you.

Till the next post...