Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriland: The Land of Happy Thoughts - A Korean-Developed Theme Park in the Philippines

I visited Seriland together with my nuclear family last December 2010. And this blog is long overdue and I apologize to Seriland for my slowness. Therefore I promise to give as much details to my blog to help promote this Korean-developed theme park. Now don't get me wrong, I am not promoting it because I am guilty of my tardiness to blog. I am promoting it because my family really enjoyed their stay in Seriland. And Seriland has been a gracious host when we were at the edutainment park that I believe in supporting this establishment. You don't take my word for it, just check out the comments you will see in their Seriland's facebook page and you will know what I am talking about. I have not found a single comment complaining or negating this theme park. And if you visit Seriland, you will understand what I am talking about.

According to the information sheet they provided me, below is what Seriland is all about.

The first Korean-developed themed park has opened its doors last November 2010. Located at the 2nd Level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila. Seriland offers never before seen attractions in the Seriland, under the partnership of Seogwipo Seriland of South Korea, offers the first Mirror Maze and Trick Art. Both attractions offers "edutainment" for children of all ages.

Seogwipo Seri World in Jeju Island, South Korea is a world class amusement park known for its exciting 100 km/hr speed in 360 draft g0-karts, hot air balloon trip that flies as high as 150 meters, high jumping excitement of its giant trampoline and the virtual 4D cinema. All boasting as the first of its kind in Jeju Island
What does "edutainment" mean? The word is coined by joining two words - educational and entertainment. Seriland aspires to entertain its guets and at the same time provide educational facilities.

Mirror Maze has a tricky mirror maze that challenges the sense of space and direction and offers a 20-second challenge to the braves to guests.

A cool Mirror Maze Trick

Trick Art, on the other hand, has a gallery of 3-Dimensional art freehand painted by famous Korean artists that brings paintings into life. The creative artform comes into life are to be complemented by the visitor's creative poses.

Trick Art

Seriland's main attraction is the 3D Cinema Plus which offers stereoscopic images and multi-sensorial effects to the viewers. Every week a 3D movie of loveable animation characters will be featured.

Kids' Paradise completes the theme park fantasy concept with a more than 200 square meters of funland with rides, huge jungle playpen, book cafe and toy world that will give limitless fun to the toddlers to 7-year olds.

Seriland is a compact theme park that has on its proud development reality challenging attractions that make interactive playing mentally stimulating and fun to everyone.

To experience the kind of fun Seriland is describing above, you may call at (02) 5599563 to book an appointment or check out Seriland's website at

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  1. gotta check it before the school starts this June :) that make sense - one and a half weeks before school time, move fast mommy! :P