Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Fit, Toned and Wonderful Holiday Season from FTW Magazine

FTW Magazine First Issue
I've been wanting to visit Reebok Megamall ever since I learned that I was chosen as FTW Magazine's letter sender for its maiden issue featuring Nikki Gil. FTW's first issue was entitled The Curves Challenge: Get Your Fitness Regimen Started Sans The Intimidating Gym Hardcores. To be picked as FTW magazine's letter sender for its first-ever issue is already mind-blowing awesome! (Yipeee!!!) Then to be awarded with the Reebok kicks of my choice is the cherry on top of my chocolate cake.

So after all the holiday buzz (well actually it ain't over yet because New Year is just a few days away), well let's just say one afternoon after finishing my day's chores, the family and I went to visit Reebok Megamall.