Sunday, February 27, 2011

Show Off Your Shape Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

I have been doing the Nestle Fitnesse 14-day Program for a week now। So far, I can say that I have replaced at least one meal with a Nestle Fitnesse Cereal and on good days I can have two meals with Nestle Fitnesse Cereals।

My family and I recent went to Los Banos, Laguna for my husband's talk in SEARCA about Ex-situ Marine conservation। I was afraid that I won't be able to follow the program since we are out and its not that easy to bring your own food while traveling. So far, for those two days we were out of town I was able to keep my breakfast as per the recommended meal of the Fitness Program.

So here are the dishes I have prepared for myself from February 21 to 26, 2011

Day 2 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 3 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 4 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 5 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

Day 6 of the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program

My observation while doing this 14-day Fitnesse Program is that I actually eat frequently than before but in small portions. Let's say for example, I ate breakfast at 8am then I have to eat like a slice of pineapple by 10:30 am and then eat a rice meal by lunch time. By 3 pm I'm hungry again so I eat mirienda. I bought Digestives from my trip to Cebu which is one way for me to get my chocolate fix and still eat healthy mirienda. By 6:30 pm I am usually eating my second Nestle Fitnesse Meal or if not I have a rice meal. This depends of course where I am at the moment.

One major benefit I can say is that I do not feel bloated by the end of the day and I can fit easily inside my pants. I can actually say that I can see the difference in my stomach. I am actually wearing my maong shorts which I had since college. I haven't worn this shorts for a long time since I cannot breathe inside it anymore. So for me to be writing this piece, perform my daily chores and actually go out later still wearing it that means that I am actually breathing inside this thing which means that's a good thing. After doing my piece for Nestle, next week I will make a feature of canned fruits and healthy in-between-food I ate while doing the program and for sure Digestives will be there.

So till my next blog...

See yah!


  1. Hey there. I cant find the day 8th day up to the Last of your "show of your shape 14-day nestle Fitnesse Challenge".
    you felt lighter and you were able to slip through your pants easily. That's really good. but how about the numbers, did it really went down? (I assume it's a yes). how much did you lose? :)
    Thanks :)

  2. yes, how much did you loose? plz tell in kg-s. Thanks)

  3. Friends,

    I lost about 5 pounds but I felt so hungry after the program I think I gained more after. I would like to try it again but I think I need the help of a dietitian to advise me.

    I think this deserves another try for me. Thanks for inspiring me with your questions. I think we should be more objective. I will be noting numbers next time.