Monday, April 1, 2013

Chiller/Freezers - Do I Need Them in My Home?

I was in a used bookstore one day and I chanced upon an interesting book. The title of the book was "365 Ways To Save". As a consumer and one of the primary decision-makers in making purchases, naturally I was intrigued by this book. Browsing through the pages, I felt disappointed that most tips apply in the USA only. On the other hand, I was still tempted to buy the book just to note how long would it take for these money saving tips to happen here in the Philippines. Also, how many of these tips are already implemented currently.

Further investigation made me realize that most of the tips require some law to mandate it and since the Senate election is fast approaching, I may be able to use this information in choosing which senator to vote for.

One of the money-saving categories included in the book is about "saving for basic necessities" like electricity. I was surprised to see that the book suggests for households to invest in a good chiller or freezer aside from your refrigerator. 

If people window-shop for clothes, I window-shop for home furniture and appliance. This is simply because that is my family's current need at the moment. Bringing this tip with me in my recent trips to nearby malls, I looked at freezers and chillers. It was then I realized that there is a difference between the two.

Fujidenzo freezers chillers Iaadamlim
What is the difference between a chiller and a freezer?