Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cebu Chronicles: Deciding to Go to Cebu or Not?

Can I really afford to go on a vacation espcially now that I am a freelancer? Who am I kidding? That's the point of being a freelancer, right? So sometimes, you just have to leap. When the opportunity arises and you have the chance to grab it, what do you do?

I had two options...
Do you say yes because you know it will be good for you? Well you assume that an opportunity is good for you. Or is it really an opportunity or a mistake?

Or do you say no because you still have to analyze the situation and think whether if it will be good for you or not. Or will you regret not doing it and missing a chance of a lifetime?

Crowne Regency Mactan Poolside Where I Swim in the Morn'

So when a good friend of mine asked me to go with her to Cebu to spend a week, the usual things came to my head like “what’s my schedule”; “do I have a budget for this?”. “What am I going to do in Cebu”. Yeah those things entered my mind but it did not persist. The call of what I might discover, what new things will I see see, new people I will meet; something new to take me away from the mundane everyday things of my life. That call was stronger than just staying in my comfort zone.

This chronicle of blogs is the product of that decision. With three thousand pesos in my pocket, I want to know how long will I survive in this little adventure of mine.

Below the historical Casa Gorordo Azotea

Till the next blog post...

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