Monday, September 6, 2010

Zenyu Ecospa Opening at Hotel H20, Manila Ocean Park September 2010

There's a lot of buzz about the Zenyu Ecospa especially now that different media (print, tv, social networks, etc) are featuring this one-of-a-kind spa. However, one may ask what really makes this spa different from the other spas in the market right now?

(The Zenyu Ecospa reception area: Floor to ceiling coverage of Ecoparadise paint. Breath good air while you book your massage. Negative ions wards off bad air that helps free radicals do their thing.)

The main thrust of this spa is that the Zenyu Ecospa is the first ecofriendly day spa:

1. Zenyu means "complete healing"
2. ecospa - cleans the air with the negative ion technology from Japan.

(Hot bed treatment room with negative ion technology. The first in the country. Good for those with skin problems, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sugar count.)

The hot bed therapy is a dry sauna with negative ion technology from Japan. These tiles and bricks used to build the spa came from deoxidizing solution that produces negative ions. Negative ions are invisible air molecules that help fight against free radicals, viruses and bacteria. Negative ions has been proven to come from large bodies of water. majestic waterfalls and lush green forests. Experience what nature can do in an urban environment. A 45 minute session inside will help alleviate a lot of common stress problems including:

- Aching bodies
- Stuffy nose
- Feeling down and tired
- High cholesterol
- High blood sugar
- High blood pressure

Product display showing what Negative ions can do. This display shows cheese and raw pork inside the spa. The product display did not spoil nor rot even when it is 5 months on display now. This only shows the energy of negative ions. It wards off bacteria, viruses, free radicals and cleans the air of bad air molecules.

Zenyu ecospa partnered with Ecoparadise Japan to bring to the country this hot bed therapy:

The hot bed therapy can:
1. improve blood circulation.
2. improve blood flow.
3. increase immunity.
4. help fight anti-aging.
5. relieves stress.
6. promotes relaxation.
7. relieves pain, allergies, colds and constipation.
8. improves well being of people suffering from cancer and diabetes.

(Ecoparadise product display in Zenyu ecospa)

A sample of Ecoparadise products available in Zenyu Ecospa are Ecoparadise eco-friendly P.E.T bottle with negative ion technology; Multipurpose powder that can be used for bathing, cleaning cars, watering plants, washing clothes, kitchen stuff, insect repellant and more and Plastic containers that can be used to make home made yogurt in just 4 hours.

(Check how your capillaries are doing using the Capillariscope)

There are also a full lineup of body massages guests can choose from.

(Private massage room)

The longest pool in the Roxas Strip


For more questions about the Zenyu Ecospa, you may call the Hotel H20 at Manila Ocean Park at 2386100 or 5677777 and ask to be connected to Dr. Eric Tan of the Zenyu Ecospa.

(Photos and labels courtesy of Dr. Eric Tan)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information about this hotel that many tourist love it much because this was opening. I’ll definitely refer also this to my friend who is finding a hotel in Manila.