Saturday, February 8, 2014

#Itcanhappentoyou - The Silent Killers in the Philippines

After taking a hiatus from regular school, I began appreciating weekends again. That's why when I went to Ascott Manila to listen to AXA Philippines on my precious Saturday, I have to admit I was dragging my feet. It was difficult to leave the boys when they are so relaxed and happy.

But a promise is a promise to which I am glad I kept. That's why on a very hot Saturday afternoon I find myself listening to AXA Philippines' presentation about the Big C  - Cancer - a disease that can hit anyone, anytime, anywhere - and what can we do about it?

AXA Philippines has partnered with Ms. Camille Pratts to talk about her experience on dealing with cancer. It was my first time to hear that Ms. Pratts has lost her very young husband (30 years old when he died at 2011) to nasopharyngeal cancer. What she and her husband thought was just persistent recurring colds and fever was already early symptoms of his cancer. Unfathomable! I actually had goosebumps while listening to her story. The idea that it can really happen to anyone was surreal.