Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting Discounted Hair Pampering at Benefits Style Salon thanks to Ensogo

One of the online deals I got was from Ensogo ( I bought this online deal for myself in preparation for my date on Valentine's Day.

I got two deals to complete my hair pampering treatment.

Only P249 for Hair Keratin Treatment at the Benefits Style Salon (valued at P1000)

Only P168 for Professional Hair Cut at the Benefits Style Salon (valued at P450)

Thus, instead of paying P1450 for the two services, I only paid P417 or only 28.75% (approximately 30%) of the total price. That is a saving of a little more than 70% or about P1033. Imagine a thousand peso saving! This is one of the reasons why I love getting on-line deals.

To claim the online deals I bought, I first made an appointment with Benefits Style Salon to make an appointment of the date and time I will redeem my online deals.

Before Picture

Upon arriving at Benefits Style Salon, I showed them my printed coupon. One of the staff of Benefits Style Salon confirmed it and then I was asked to wait as they prepare for the services I bought.

My companion and I were first ushered to the shampoo area. I can say that this is the first time I truly enjoyed shampooing my hair because it did not hurt my nape lying down on an awkward position. Benefits Style Salon uses L'oreal products for their services.

After shampooing my hair, my hairstylist for the day, Jereme Reyes, proceeded to cut my hair as per my request. I chose a hairdo with bangs for an avant garde look. The last time I had bangs was when I was in elementary.

After my haircut, I was passed to another Benefits Style staff who applied the keratin treatment. Finally, my hair was blow-dried and final trims were made by the hairstylist.

Over the phone I was told the process will take about an hour. In actual, it took as a little more than two hours which included the waiting until I was finally finished.

I enjoyed the ambiance, the music, the temperature, the staff and the location of the salon. If Eastwood was just near my place, I think I can find myself going back to Benefits Style Salon as my personal salon. However, right now it took me also about two hours just to go to the salon (traveling, asking directions, traffic etc).

To book your appointments at Benefit Style Salon, you may contact them at:
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  1. Thanks so much for your comment. Hope to see you again soon! Ensogo did a Flashback Deal on this, perhaps you can ask your friends to check it out! Thanks again!!!