Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvasion SM Fairview Mall Tour

Last October 23, 2010,we were invited to witness Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvasion at SM Fairview Mall.

The first batch of hosts for Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvasion were Diego Bandido of YES FM 101.1 and Kristine Dera of 90.7 Love RAdio. The hosts talked about the brief history of BCP Dermatological Corporation. According to them, BCP Dermatological Corporation is the reason behind the Dermablend Papaya Orange and Dermablend Guava Tea Tree soaps and Diana Stalder products. BCP Dermatological Corporation has already 18 years of experience in the business. In addition, Stalder Laboratories, Inc., or SLI, its manufacturing arm, uses imported raw materials from USA and Europe. Stalder Laboratories, Inc., is in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

This event is already the second leg of Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvastion . The first Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvastion happened at Market Market last June 29, 2010.

Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvasion showcased different celebrity endorsers of Swisse-Phil Holdings Corp. The first celebrity endorser to perform was Bryan Termulo. He is one of the contenders in Pinoy Pop Superstar.

Little kids also danced and briefly modeled different products from Swisse-Phil Holdings Corporation.

On the second half of the show the hosts were replaced by TAMBALANG BALASUBAS at BALAHURA featuring NICOLE HYALA and CHRISTSUPER. They introduced the ambassadors of beauty for Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvastion . SKINvasion questions were asked by the audience and were readily welcomed and answered by the SKINvasion ambassadors.

After the beauty forum for Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvastion , the endorser for Diana Stalder of Dermaline , Ms. Diana Menesez sang two songs for the audience.

There was also a special segment for Diana Stalder Masculine Wash, a product for men highlighted in this Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvastion . Diana Stalder Masculine Wash was presented by several hunky men who tore their t-shirts in front of the audience to show that they are masculine enough to use Diana Stalder Masculine Wash. They also handed out samples of the Diana Stalder Masculine Wash to spectators.

My personal favorite amongst the performers would be Ms. Mariel Corpuz. Ms. Mariel Corpuz won The World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) held at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, California last July 23, 2010. Her rendition of "Halo" originally sang by Beyonce Knowles really impressed the crowd. It was a great follow-up after Ms. Dina dela Paz-Stadler's speech about being HAPPY. According to the company's president, Swisse-Phil and its staff maintains a HAPPY disposition where H stands for Happiness, A for Accommodating, P for Persistence, P for Positivity and finally Y for a "Yes I Can" attitude.

And of course, the highlight of the event are performances from two of the most eligible bachelors in the country who happens to be the celebrity endorsers of Dermablend soaps namely Gerald Anderson for Dermablend Guava Tea Tree Soap and Sam Milby for Dermablend Papaya-Orange Soap.

The event ended on time and I can say the Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvasion audience left entertained and "happy" after receiving their freebies from Dermablend and related sponsors.

We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Dina Dela Paz-Stadler for her invitation to attend the Swisse-Phil Grand SKINvasion. We admire her vision to reach the cusp of technology for beauty while helping as many Filipinos. We need more entrepreneurs like Ms. Dina who promotes a "Yes We Can" attitude.

As for Dermablend products, I am actually a user of Dermablend Cleansing Milk. The Dermablend Cleansing Milk can be used for all types of skin. Dermablend Cleansing Milk is also hypoallergenic, gentle to sensitive skin, non-comedogenic and non-irritating. Personally, I like it because its light and it does not cause me to break-out. It's actually taking me a long time to finish it because I only use it as a cold-cream when I need to remove stubborn make-up or if my eyes are too tired and I need to clean my face. So far that is the only experience I have with Dermablend. I wish that next time they will come up with smaller bottles of Dermablend Cleansing Milk because when the last time I asked they told me that they only offer it in 200ml bottles. The best thing I remembered with my purchase was that that Dermablend Cleansing Milk was affordable and it does the job it promises.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

XEND Announcement: LATER 2PM cut-off time! CHEAPER and FASTER Provincial Service

I have been a customer of Xend this year. I do online shopping and selling and one of my buyers said that she intends to buy my item only if I will use Xend as courier service so she can save on shipping rate. And because my goal is to make my on-line shopping experience (whether I am selling or purchasing) a happy one I googled Xend and registered on their site.

It was a new experience for me because there was no live person to assist and give instructions but I said to myself so what this will be just like any on-line course. I first registered so I can have an on-line account at Xend.

To register at Xend, find the tab "Open an Account Now". It's beside "Welcome" of Xend's Homepage

Then after registering at Xend I clicked on the tabs to see which one will help me book a pick-up with Xend. I found the tab "Pick-up" which is in between "Waybill" and "Settings" tab in Xend's page. Click the drop down menu and you will see an option that says "Schedule a Pick-up". Finally I watched a video to help me book a pick-up.Because I scheduled before 8am, my item was picked up on the same day.

So far here are the benefits of using Xend for me:
1. Using Xend gives me convenience of booking a pick-up online and hence it saves time in going to the courier station
2. Xend offers same day pick-up for bookings made before 8am
3. Xend has a minimal fee for sending which is P50 for areas within Metro Manila and P83 to P90 pesos for areas outside Metro Manila
4. So far none of my buyers complained about Xend's speed of delivery which is also important to online sellers and buyers like me.

On the other hand,the only thing I can comment about Xend right now is the quality of the plastic they use for sending. Xend's container used to be white and now its blue. Personally I like the blue better because it looks more durable compared to the plain white one. Other than that I am happy with Xend's service.

The reason I am posting this blog about Xend is because they sent me an e-mail giving its customers more great news. Below please find, the e-mail Xend sent to me. I would like to make a review of Xend's announcement as soon as I try it but for now I would like to share Xend's good news to everyone:

New Cut-off time will be 2pm!
Due to popular demand, effective November 15, you now have until 2PM to schedule a pickup. But, there are some advantages if you schedule before 8AM. Please see guidelines below for details.

1) To qualify for the 2pm cut-off time, pickups must be scheduled online via myXend. Pickups scheduled through phone will be for next day pickup.
2) "Provincial" packages that are scheduled for pickup BEFORE 8AM will have a transit time of 1-2 days. "Provincial" packages scheduled for pickup AFTER 8AM will have a transit time of 2 business days.
3) "Metro Manila" and "Rizal to Manila" packages still have a NEXT DAY transit time regardless of the time scheduled.
4) Pickups that are scheduled online from 8AM to 2PM will be picked up anytime after 12noon.
5) Pickups scheduled after 8AM for office addresses are not recommended as we cannot guarantee that they will be picked up within office hours. If your pickup is at an office address, we recommend that you schedule before 8AM so we can guarantee pickup within office hours.

Cheaper and Faster Provincial Service!
We are very glad to announce that effective November 2, we will have a new CHEAPER and FASTER Provincial Service!
We are now able to offer a faster transit time of only 1-2 business days so your clients can now receive their packages as soon as the next day! We were also able to simplify and lower our rates even further to help you boost your provincial orders!

"Provincial” packages that are scheduled for pickup BEFORE 8AM will have a transit time of 1-2 business days. “Provincial” packages scheduled for pickup AFTER 8AM will have a transit time of 2 business days.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hotel H20 Liquid Pool and Lounge: Manila's Pool Party

Last October 23, 2010, I was invited to attend the Rave Event at Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park where media men were privileged to see the opening of Manila Ocean Park's Liquid Pool and Lounge. In my next blogs, I will be detailing my experience and observations about the event. For now, I would like to share with you the details found in the press kit provided to us about the first Manila's Pool Party venue, LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE.

Introducing Hotel H2O's first and newest Liquid Pool and Lounge party venue in Manila. It is in an oasis, covering around 600 sqm amidst the bustling metropolis. Her name is LIQUID and she's out to party.

Hotel H2O, located at Manila Ocean Park, once again stands for its exceptional experiences with distinctive style, service and personality through its first and newest club LIQUID. Liquid Pool and Lounge will bring the clubbing experience – Vegas’ style. It is sexy, fun and exquisite like no other.

Liquid Pool and Lounge
<> brings a sizzling yet refreshing clubbing experience that fuses an urban club scene and beach getaway. You can dance on the regular dance floor or dive into our 3-feet pool and dance like you never did before.

Look forward to a fluid and fabulous night as Liquid Pool and Lounge<> begins to flow through your senses through our regular events.


Inside the Manila Ocean Park Complex by the souvernir shop is an underground, a hidden paradise getaway. Immediately after going down the stairs leads you to Liquid Pool and Lounge's doorway, a stylish curved Pool and Lounge by the entrance invites you to take a dip. Go further inside and you cannot miss the DJ playing the nicest beats and rhythms to suit your senses.

LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE features a unique cave architecture embellished by the relaxing hues of the earth and soothing shades of the sea. LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE, with its state-of-the-art sound & lighting systems, enticing indoor pool facilities, and free-flowing entertainment . . . is Manila's very own secluded escape from the usual lifestyle.


LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE is an epitome of class, sensuality, and playfulness. A mirror of today's vibrant youth and fun-loving people. An image of elegance, energy, and merriment. LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE mingles with the young and the “hip” who, like her, love to meet new people and hang-out in exquisite party spots.

LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE is Hotel H2O's premier nightlife destination. LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE is also a fresh venue for the uncommon and totally unique clubbing experience. Push the tempo and celebrate with a splash only at LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE! Just plunge into a paradise of free-flowing fun, endless energy, and non-stop party!

Indulge in a wide variety of sumptuous dishes that go well with LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE's alcoholic beverages and signature shots; get your tastebuds tickled with Calamares, Chicken Lollipop, and Kebabs, or try something new like Mexican Caviche, Crispy Grilled Pork Ears, or Crispy Dory Fish Fillet. LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE also has your usual comfort foods—like French Fries, Mojos, and Pasta/Noodle dishes—so there's no need to look for them elsewhere!

In the mood for something to make you a bit tipsy before you hit the dance floor or go for a dip? LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE is never short of premium alcoholic drinks like vodka, scotch, cocktails, and signature drinks to loosen you up a bit. Need a drink to cool you down after showing off those hot dance moves? Treat yourself with some non-alcoholic mocktails to quench your thirst.

What sets LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE apart from the rest of night-out venues in the metro is its “dip and dance” experience. Why limit yourself to the usual clubbing spots when you can take the party somewhere wet and make things more exciting? Why go out of town for a wet nightlife when you can experience an exquisite pool party anytime, right in the heart of Manila's H20 Hotel!

There are two ways to satisfy your senses inside LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE.

Drink and chill out to the hypnotic beats straight away at the dry area, or
Wade into the wet area and enjoy the music with a LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE signature drink.



LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE is also brimming with nightly themed events and celebrations that will keep party people excited and on their toes. The nights are sizzling hot and entertainment is always refreshing in LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE!

For more details, contact:
Manila Ocean Park Complex
Luneta, Manila
Tel. 02 - 567 - 7777 loc. 151

For inquiries, guestlist, and table reservations,


Mon to Fri: 5:00 PM to 12:00 MN
(Fridays extended up to 2:00 AM)

Sat: 1:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Sun: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

*Admission Fee is inclusive of FREE 2 drinks, locker, and towel.

*LIQUID POOL AND LOUNGE Admission is strictly for 18 years old and up only.


For swimming attire:
Ladies: Swimsuits. Shirts or shorts on top of swim wear are NOT ALLOWED while in the pool.
Gentlemen: board shorts and trunks only. Cycling shorts, basketball shorts, walking shorts (denim or cotton) are NOT ALLOWED.

For non-swimming attire:
Ladies and gentlemen can wear anything casual but chic and classy. STRICTLY NO LONG JEANS.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rave Event at Manila Ocean Park Featuring Liquid Pool & Lounge

I was invited to attend Manila Ocean Park's RAVE even today October 23, 2010 featuring the first Liquid Bar which combines a pool and lounge bar. I'm excited to see what the bar looks like as I've seen it only once while it was being constructed.

The invitation below is taken from the website of Manila Ocean Park's current news and events:

Mark your calendars now! Spread the exciting news! Get ready for a lively RAVE Bikini Concert (part of the RUN RIDES RAVE Event) on October 23, 2010, 7:30 PM at Manila Ocean Park's Acquatica.

For only P400 per ticket, you are entitled to 2 drinks at the LIQUID Pool & Lounge, Bikini Concert (FHM Bikini Show & Concert), and the Musical Fountain Show!

The Bikini Concert features Wendy Valdez, Mossimo band, Kitty Girls, the FHM Babes, EB Babes, and Tanya Markova for the main concert!

For ticket inquiries, call 0917-872-4491 or check out the Manila Ocean Park Facebook / Acquatica Facebook accounts.

To get you more excited about Liquid Pool and Lounge here are some of the teasers and posters Manila Ocean Park released for this event:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

360 Fitness- 100 PLUS Circuit Training Marathon!

I will be posting articles about health in my blog from now on in line with my personal goal to stay fit.

360 Fitness Club, the Philippines’ first co-ed express circuit training facility, introduces another first: a circuit training boot camp race to be held on October 24, 2010 at the Philsports Arena Track & Field oval. Race through 8 different stations where you will have to perform a required set of circuit training exercises in order to advance. There will be 3 levels of difficulty designed for beginner, elite, and expert marathoners. If you’re tired of the usual marathons, then this is definitely something worth trying!

The event is powered by 100Plus isotonic sports drink in partnership with Globe Gcash, Muscle Tape, BarleyGreen, L-Carnitine Gold, and Finix. The event is also supported by Megaclinic, Nova, Hidden Spring, Coffee Twist, Greenwich, Fruit Magic and Mega Clinic. Winners for each of the three levels will win cash prizes of P3,000, P5,000 and P7,000 respectively. Participants will receive loot bags containing freebies from the sponsors and other prizes will be also given away during the event.

Registration starts at 6am, and the heats start at:

6:30 am for Level 1 (Beginner)

7:15 am for Level 2 (Elite)

8:00 am for Level 3 (Expert)

Ticket price is P250 for members and P350 for non-members.

Visit for more information. You may post any inquires on the club’s facebook wall.

To register, visit 360 Fitness Club at the 13th floor of Strata 100 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. You may also contact them via phone (5777807), mobile (0917 5600360), email ( or website inquiry (

Bring it on!

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