Thursday, March 21, 2013

What You Want to Know About the Maltodextrin in Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner

I made a product review of Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner, and a reader (who is also a friend of mine who just wants to make life a little bit challenging for me. LOL!) commented that in their family they avoid products with preservatives. So I listed the ingredients of Rice Mate and told myself that I will look into these ingredients that I am not familiar of in future posts. 

So today we will look at one of the ingredients of Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner which is Maltodextrin.


What is Maltodextrin? 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner (Product Review)

Alright, New Year means new resolutions. I cannot say that I have been regularly posting in this blog but I promised to change that this year. The post below is a review of a new product I tried. It is not a sponsored post but I will have to admit that I didn't pay for them. I got these samples when I attended the recently concluded "Foodgasm - Take A Second Bite" at Mercato Centrale last March 2013.

Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner

What is my experience with Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mom's Partner: Spray n' Go Waterless Car Cleaners (Giveaway)

Let me introduce to you the Philippine-made products that are truly eco-friendly!
Spray n’ Go offers waterless car cleaners which are biodegradable. They also provide carwash and quick detailing services at your convenient time and place.

So why use Spray N’ Go Waterless Car Cleaners?