Monday, January 31, 2011

HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event: A Review Part 2 of 3

Just as I promised I will give the meat of my experience in the second part of my blog about the HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event.

The first statement that got me to pay attention to Mr. Wayne Tang, HTC Singapore product manager, was when he said that "HTC Sense is an experience". In my head, I did not expect a program to be defined in such a personal manner. So the next question that popped in my head was that what kind of experience can HTC provide its users that will be different from what the other smartphones in the market are already promising?

So I listened intently to what the Singaporean manager has to say about HTC Sense and here are the things that further caught my attention:
1. Sense 2.0 is not an overlay.

2. Sense 2.0 is not a user interface

3. There are about 300+++ features in the HTC Desire phones (I'm thinking this is enough to keep somebody busy to learn one feature a day)

4. HTC Desire phones want to give its users a holistic experience. Holistic according to the web definitions I googled means "Looking at the whole system rather than just concentrating on individual components. The overall sum can be greater than a simple totaling of the individual parts, because the "system" adds something in addition. Another term is "systems thinking"."

Systems thinking? does it mean AI?

So what makes HTC Desire phones and Sense 2.0 a holistic experience? Mr. Weng Tan gave concrete real-life experiences a modern busy person can encounter on a regular business day and how his HTC Desire phone can be of service.

1. When a phone is left in your bag it recognizes that it is inside your bag and hence rings louder. Once you touch the phone it detects the human presence and it rings softer.

2. In a business meeting and your phone rings, you do not have to scurry to turn it off or cancel the phone, you just have to flip the phone to silence it.

3. When you receive a phone call the latest Facebook status update and photo of your friend will appear.

4. The phone has a birthday counter which will allow you to remember important dates.

5. The HTC Desire phones when turned on requires only 10 seconds to open.

6. Using your HTC Desire phones can allow you t merge several e-mail accounts in one folder wherein each e-mail account can be identified by color.

7. You can choose e-mails by assigning then in your priority list and you can move from unread to priority list mails by just moving the screen left or right.

8. All you need to do to get the remaining data of your e-mail is to scroll up. Unlike other phones that will ask you if you want to continue to read on. HTC figured that this adjustments can save a person seconds of his time and make the experience of reading e-mails more pleasant.

9. I am not good in finding locations so when Mr. Wayne Tang discussed about HTC Map Solutions I became curious if this is the phone that can help me with my problem. Because of Sense 2.0 and the features of the new HTC phones, its users are provided with HTC Map Solutions wherein you can download the entire google map of country and store it on your phone. And unlike for other Android phone, this service is provided for free by HTC.

10. Speaking of navigation, Mr. Wayne Tang also discussed that with the HTC Desire lines the user can continue to navigate and accept calls at the same time. Making it possible for the user to mutitask or choose the task he wants to prioritize.

11. In your travels, you take photos and videos of your explorations. With HTC phones they claim that you can now wirelessly stream your photo and videos on your TV.

12. The HTC user can also upload photos and videos directly from his or her Desire phone to his social networking sites. There is no need to remove SD cards and transfer to the laptop. The process is now shortened and made more convenient for the end user.

According to Mr. Wayne Tang, these are the some of the integral features of the HTC Desire line.

Tomorrow I will be detailing the things I learned about HTC I could add the information on HTC in this post but I want my readers to savor the wealth of information about HTC Desire phones here to avoid overwhelming your brain.

Till the next blog post...

P.S. I am not paid in any manner by HTC to make this post. This post is purely based on this blogger's perspective on what she understood based from the HTC Sense 2.0 and Workshop Event last January 27, 2010.

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