Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to maximize your deliveries to increase your ranking for MyXend Badge

This is a communication between Xend Business Solution and I when I clarified some issues about how to maximize my deliveries to increase my ranking for MyXend Badge. Some private information have been removed to protect my privacy.

Hello Xend,

Hi! I have used Xend as my courier for my store since last year and so far I am very happy with the service you have been providing. I am so happy I even promoted you in my blog.

I do have one suggestion though. As a seller, what worked for me is to schedule my pick-ups all in one day. Hence, I can ship several items to different clients (for example: 3 different transactions all picked up on Friday) and book them all in just one day. I figured it is efficient not only for me because I just have to monitor one pick-up but it is also advantageous to Xend because they only have to go to our area once. It saves Xend money for fuel and the time of its crew. On the other hand, the customer appreciation program described in your website awards customers based on the number of pick-ups they have made and not by the number of transactions they have done at the same time. In that case, what I see as downside to this is for me to get that badge I have to schedule my deliveries non different days so that I can maximize my number of pick-ups and get my badge early.

I hope you can advise me about my dilemma. I want to help your company become efficient in doing its pick-ups in my area but at the same time I wish to level-up my badge soon. It will not be easy to look for a win-win solution but I trust that Xend with its continuous improvement to support its customers can think of way to make it advantageous for all the parties.

By the way, thank you for the 50 percent discount coupon. I will use it to help send gifts to CDO.

Disclaimer: Upon reading the terms and conditions for the Xend discount coupon, it was noted that the Xend Discount coupon is valid only for deliveries within Metro Manila and for items 1 kilogram and below. Hence, I was not able to use it to send gifts to CDO.

The following is Xend Business Solutions's response to me that same morning...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings from Xend!

Regarding your concern, please be advice that your badge count increases when one of your shipments is delivered, not when you schedule a pickup online. The count represents how many delivered shipments you have and not the number of pickups. For your badge to be updated, the status of the shipment on our website must indicate that it is already delivered. In some cases, it takes a few days before it is updated. If the shipment is already marked as delivered and your badge is still not updated, you can send the tracking numbers in *** excel file *** at and indicate your account number as your filename.

Please take note that only waybills that have your account # written will be counted towards the badge so make sure that all waybills have your account # written on it.


Lorelie S. Ruiz

Xend Business Solutions Inc

Xend hotline contact number 960-8282

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