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Family Getaway in Tagaytay on New Year’s Day of 2011 (Part 2 of 2)

Family Getaway in Tagaytay on New Year’s Day of 2011 (Part 2)

The next morning, I am the first one to wake-up and I jogged around the neighborhood 5 times without stopping in preparation for the Bull Run on January 9, 2011. I’m thinking the cold thin air and the slopes will be a good training ground for me to run. Panting like a dog, I went back home to prepare breakfast. I was joined one by one by my siblings while I prepare our meal.

Breakfast consisted of cereals with fresh milk, sandwiches (choice of strawberry jam, nuttela or chicken spread), yoghurt from Baguio farm, and freshly squeezed orange from Sagada farm. At first we wanted to go swimming but decided later on to just sleep some more. We woke up just in time for lunch.

Traffic started just in front of Royal Tagaytay. That is how bad it is. Our supposedly ten minutes travel from Royal Tagaytay to Bag of Beans became one hour and ten minutes. We wanted to go to Viewpoint to have lunch but before going down the car we were already advised that food will be served after an hour. After hearing that, we decided to leave. It was nice of them though to tell us ahead of time since some of us are feeling grumpy because of hunger. Hehehehehe. And this is how we discovered, Tower Ground Bulalohan.

Tower Ground Bulalohan

Initially, we were trying to locate FatSia, but couldn’t remember the directions how to get to the place so we scouted for the nearest area to eat. One of my sibs is craving for bulalo again but most of us wanted to try something else. But since everyone was really hungry, we finally gave in and it was actually a very good coincidence. Our lunch consisted of no other than hot steaming BULALO, calamares, and one whole fried chicken. All of us had two rounds of rice except for the kids. We saved on drinks because we still had iced tea and fresh orange juice in our water containers. For this meal, we spent P1200 or about P200 per person.

Tower Ground Bulalohan view

Our last stop could have been horse back riding but due to traffic, the cars parked and people in the horse trail we wanted to go to, we decided to just go home. It was a good that we didn’t complete all of our activities planned for our family getaway because now this gives us a good reason to go back to Tagaytay.

Finally, we stopped at Mr. Moo to buy Carabao’s Milk. A liter of carabao’s milk (plain or chocolate flavor) costs P130. We also tried goat’s milk P39 for a small bottle. For me it tasted like fresh milk but for others they said that it was too strong for them.

Maria's Coffee Shop

Another great find is the Maria’s Café. I thought I would never be able to try Coffee Alamid in this trip, so when my husband saw that Coffee Alamid is offered in Maria’s, I decided “This is it!” I ordered a cup and it tasted guess what! Like ordinary 3 in 1 coffee. Oh well. My brother said maybe because I placed creamer and sugar in it. I should have ordered it plain black. My husband drank the rest of the coffee and he said at the bottom of the cup where there is residue coffee it tasted differently. I tried and yes indeed it tasted fruity and roasted at the same time. Maybe that’s the real taste of coffee alamid but I’m not really sure. I guess I just have to go back to Tagaytay. Other pasalubong we bought consisted of bananas (a bunch costs P120), langka (cut at P80 and P120), coffee alamid in container (P400) and pineapple pie.

Maria's Coffee Alamid in Tagaytay

What I didn’t see in Baguio, I almost saw in Tagaytay - a clear path of trees but unfortunately there were still somehting else. Still, it was one of the best family getaways I had in my life. I can’t wait for the next one.

View of Tagaytay from Tower Ground Bulalohan

My Budget for the entire trip: P5000
My Actual expenditures: P6000

Small Things To Remember for Your Family Getaway:
1. charged batteries of phones
2. charged batteries of cameras and extra ones
3. hard candy
4. plastic bags
5. tissue
6. hand sanitizer
7. a light jacket
8. a cap
9. loose change for tips
10. a happy disposition

(If you want to use my pictures in anyway you want it, that would be fine as long as you cite this blog as the original source preferably in APA format. If you can't do that then please do not use my pictures.)

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