Monday, January 17, 2011

My 2010 List of Favorite Things also known as My Gratitude List

I was wondering while waiting for the Internet connection to finally return, what happened to me last year and this is the result of my boredom. I guess I am still productive even when I feel like being lazy. I listed all the opportunities I have taken last year and I cannot wait to blog about it.

It also got me thinking, Filipinos are fond of telenovelas. I remember Bo Sanchez saying from one of the audiobooks I got from the Truly Rich Club, we Filipinos like romanticizing the poor. In our telenovelas, the hero or heroine is always the poor person being maltreated. The example given about this romanticizing the poor was best depicted by Bo Sanchez in the movie Titanic where you see the parties of the rich and affluent as somewhat dull, boring and quiet while at the bottom of the ship where the workforce are partying their merrymaking is loud, cheerful and exciting. In this cases, we are made to think it is better to be poor. We are made to think "Masaya naman kaming mahihirap. Kayong mayayaman hindi".
But what is romantic about being poor? Especially when that kind of thinking is what we embed to our children? Is it romantic to see the poor people eating from the garbage? Is it just me disgusted with the idea of what in the world is romantic about that? The problem about being poor is that not only your wallet is poor but the mind becomes poor too.
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And we have a lot of poor thinking people already. These poor-minded people can be aptly called crab mentality. "Oh let's not let him give him the job, he's so confident" or "Abuso na yan, maganda at sexy ka na, successful ka pa. We hate you!" Have you heard about these things from other people? or from your head?

Just like what Jomar Hilario says in his Internet Marketing and Virtual Assistant Seminars, its all in the mindset. If you think you cannot do it, your probably can't.

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So I stand here proud of my accomplishments for the 2010. I am not boastful because boastfulness is claiming something that is not true. If I tell people I am patient just because I'm a teacher when everybody knows I am not then that's boasting bordering to lying. Instead I can say, "my understanding of people is a work in progress".

So here is the list of opportunities I took and I am openly sharing the things that worked for me to other people hoping they get something from my two cents. If you did take anything, good for you. If not, then move forward maybe something will work better for you.

1. Nickel Asia IPO; e-books, audiobooks; and 2 books from Bo Sanchez - thanks to Truly Rich Club (monthly subscription P495; 100% guaranteed ROI)

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2. Voice Coaching Seminar by Vocal Coach Rona P500 only

3. Several Blogging events thanks to Jomar Hilario’s Internet Marketing Class (10 percent discount for early bird rate plus new source of income)
a. Zenyu Ecospa Blogger’s Event
b. Swiss-Phil Skinvasion
c. Rave featuring Liquid Bar
d. B & T Blogger’s Event
4. Starshooters Program from PSI Seminars and Workshops – [10% early bird discount at 6 months to pay plus 20+ good friends (priceless)]

5. P50 Promo Ticket for the Fountain and Light Show at Manila Ocean Park where I brought my family to celebrate my birthday

6. Tron Premier c/o Skycable Fun Promo – free

7. Pantene Hair Damage Control Shampoo and Conditioner Giveaway - Free

8. Tours/Events in Metro Manila
a. Walk this Way – P1000 per head and guranteed satisfaction!
b. Philippine Postal Tour – free!!!

9. Guitar Festival at CCP – P200 per concert night

10. Out of town Trips
a. Baguio – shopping; Balatok Mines; Baguio Stock Farm; Black Market; Ukay-Ukay finds
b. Tagaytay – family getaway; Diner’s; Royal Tagaytay; Bag of Beans; Mr. Moo; Maria’s CafĂ©; Palace in the Sky
c. Donsol – tenth year anniversary with hubby; Swim with the Whalesharks; Fireflies Boat Ride; Mayon Volcano
d. Batangas – diving!!!
e. Promo tickets from Cebu Pacific – for 2011 trips

11. PSI Basic 238, 239 and 240

12. CATS – P5000 (one of a kind)

13. Equus – P600 staged by Repertory

14. Xanadu – stage seat at P400 (watching a play on the stage)

15. Dugtong-Dugtong na Sumbong Mariang Sinukuan P150 by Tanghalang Pilipino

16. Credit card giveways – free
a. Roasted Chicken – BDO
b. Brownies Unlimited – BDO
c. P500 Toy Kingdom Gift Check – BDO
d. Crispy Pata (partaken by my husband’s family) – BDO
e. CPK pizza – BDO
f. Greenwhich pizza – Eastwest
g. Mang Inasal Value Meal – Eastwest
h. P10,000 hospital reimbursement certificate - Eastwest
i. Monterey products - Eastwest bank

17. Contest Winnings - Free
a. Havaianas Tote bag from Trinoma
b. Cebu Goodies from Trip or Treat
c. BDJ Planner from Skysenshi
d. Toblerone from Toblerone Philippines
e. Mental P500 gift certificate
f. Advance Open Water Diving Lessons from Dive Instructor Neil Castano – free but exclusive of resort accommodation; boat, tanks and license

18. Party for the kids of Hospicio de San Jose – Agape

19. Staffing for PSI Basic Class 238 - Agape

How about you? What made you excited last year? What opportunities have you taken that made a difference in your life? Are there opportunities you would like to take this year that you weren’t able to do in the past?

As Tinkerbell advised to Peter Pan “Think happy thoughts and that is the only time you can fly.”
Come on now… think… think…think… and then….FLY!

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I myself am creating to win a prize!

To Think is to Create, To Act is To Achieve


  1. Thanks for sharing this sis! Wow, some of the things that you got (freebies), I also received!

    I also have alot to be thankful for for 2010!

    Thanks, I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is not the typical social blog Ive seen in the net. Very honest write ups! Keep it up!

  2. @ Ruth: Thank you for your kind words. I am happy you appreciate my blog post. :)