Saturday, October 30, 2010

XEND Announcement: LATER 2PM cut-off time! CHEAPER and FASTER Provincial Service

I have been a customer of Xend this year. I do online shopping and selling and one of my buyers said that she intends to buy my item only if I will use Xend as courier service so she can save on shipping rate. And because my goal is to make my on-line shopping experience (whether I am selling or purchasing) a happy one I googled Xend and registered on their site.

It was a new experience for me because there was no live person to assist and give instructions but I said to myself so what this will be just like any on-line course. I first registered so I can have an on-line account at Xend.

To register at Xend, find the tab "Open an Account Now". It's beside "Welcome" of Xend's Homepage

Then after registering at Xend I clicked on the tabs to see which one will help me book a pick-up with Xend. I found the tab "Pick-up" which is in between "Waybill" and "Settings" tab in Xend's page. Click the drop down menu and you will see an option that says "Schedule a Pick-up". Finally I watched a video to help me book a pick-up.Because I scheduled before 8am, my item was picked up on the same day.

So far here are the benefits of using Xend for me:
1. Using Xend gives me convenience of booking a pick-up online and hence it saves time in going to the courier station
2. Xend offers same day pick-up for bookings made before 8am
3. Xend has a minimal fee for sending which is P50 for areas within Metro Manila and P83 to P90 pesos for areas outside Metro Manila
4. So far none of my buyers complained about Xend's speed of delivery which is also important to online sellers and buyers like me.

On the other hand,the only thing I can comment about Xend right now is the quality of the plastic they use for sending. Xend's container used to be white and now its blue. Personally I like the blue better because it looks more durable compared to the plain white one. Other than that I am happy with Xend's service.

The reason I am posting this blog about Xend is because they sent me an e-mail giving its customers more great news. Below please find, the e-mail Xend sent to me. I would like to make a review of Xend's announcement as soon as I try it but for now I would like to share Xend's good news to everyone:

New Cut-off time will be 2pm!
Due to popular demand, effective November 15, you now have until 2PM to schedule a pickup. But, there are some advantages if you schedule before 8AM. Please see guidelines below for details.

1) To qualify for the 2pm cut-off time, pickups must be scheduled online via myXend. Pickups scheduled through phone will be for next day pickup.
2) "Provincial" packages that are scheduled for pickup BEFORE 8AM will have a transit time of 1-2 days. "Provincial" packages scheduled for pickup AFTER 8AM will have a transit time of 2 business days.
3) "Metro Manila" and "Rizal to Manila" packages still have a NEXT DAY transit time regardless of the time scheduled.
4) Pickups that are scheduled online from 8AM to 2PM will be picked up anytime after 12noon.
5) Pickups scheduled after 8AM for office addresses are not recommended as we cannot guarantee that they will be picked up within office hours. If your pickup is at an office address, we recommend that you schedule before 8AM so we can guarantee pickup within office hours.

Cheaper and Faster Provincial Service!
We are very glad to announce that effective November 2, we will have a new CHEAPER and FASTER Provincial Service!
We are now able to offer a faster transit time of only 1-2 business days so your clients can now receive their packages as soon as the next day! We were also able to simplify and lower our rates even further to help you boost your provincial orders!

"Provincial” packages that are scheduled for pickup BEFORE 8AM will have a transit time of 1-2 business days. “Provincial” packages scheduled for pickup AFTER 8AM will have a transit time of 2 business days.

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