Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paypal Problems in the Philippines 6

As promised, my friend and I tried to find out how to solve this limited account access issue problem with Paypal while one is here in the Philippines. The first site that we stumbled upon is managed by Dexter Panganiban (

Just like him, he received notification from Paypal that his account was limited. Although what my friend was doing compared to what he was doing prior to the notification were very different. According to his site, he was transferring funds from his Paypal to his Xoom account while my friend was adding a new credit card in his Paypal account. However, just like him, my friend and Dexter were told that our accounts maybe accessed by a third party and that due to security reasons thus it was limited at the moment until further verifications can be made.

We scrolled down to look at the comments and other issues popped out:
Davis asked: What if "the address and the name on it is different to the one which is registered on paypal i have still sent it but will it work or not. please help me solve this problem"

Hence, my friend and I thought that it is really inevitable not to send documents bearing your name and address to Paypal and if indeed we will send we better make sure that the name and address registered in Paypal must bear EXACTLY the same details as the document we were sending.

Unfortunately, TechAthand.Net was not able to give a definite answer to this question. This prompted us to investigate more on the matter and hopefully cover it on another segment of this blog.

The site gave us other things to consider as well. I will briefly summarize them below:
1. Use of an EON card - while researching about home loans (another topic I want to explore in the near future) I accidentally stumbled upon Unionbank's EON's cyber account. Details about this card will be covered in another segment since the site specifically is linked to Paypal payments.
2. Another comment informed us that if you don't solve the issue right away your funds can be stuck with Paypal for years as the case of Ronson whose money was held (233.77 US$) since 2004 and he left his comment November 30, 2009. That's freaking five years and maybe 200 dollars may not be a reason for you to go bankrupt but it still is your money!

Lastly, the worst case scenario I read from the comments is the one from King whose account was closed. According to his comment
"For the safety and security of the PayPal network, we often review accounts for potential risks. After reviewing your account, we have
decided to close it because of security issues.

We are making every effort to minimize any disruption to your business.

If your PayPal account balance is zero, and you have no unresolved buyer complaints or chargebacks, your account will remain limited."

If you go to one of my favorite sites,, you will find several articles to read as well about Paypal's limited access issue. I will try to summarize them in another segment of this blog.

Now finally, after reading these blogs we wondered how can we avoid these problems with Paypal? While going deep into the issue we encountered more related problems. We also found a glimmer of hope and lastly we noted that there is really a lot of things to learn about Paypal and how should Filipinos manage their money using these electronic currency transaction.

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