Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 1 of Show Off Your Shape 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Challenge

Today my husband and I went to Parco Supermarket to buy our groceries. The first thing we noticed are the pre-packaged promotions from Nestle products and an ongoing contest for laptops.

What's convenient about the Nestle pre-packaged promotions is that first, you can get freebies from these promos. For buying a large pack of Milo one can get a bag. The bag was timely because my child needed a bigger bag to store his beyblades. I also bought two more boxes of the Nestle Fitnesse Cereals to complete my 14-day Fitnesse Program. For every box of 330 grams of Nestle Fitnesse Cereals there is a free 250 ml Nestle Low Fat Milk to which I am enjoying right now in this very hot day. Finally for every two liters of Nestle Low Fat Milk there is a free can of Nescafe Mocha. To top it all Parco allows a minimum charge of P100 for credit card payments so we were able to have several receipts to join Nestle's Win A Laptop Promo. All in all we were able to get 6 receipts all with a minimum purchase of P100 Nestle products which un turn gives us 6 entries for the Nestle's Win A Laptop Promo.

After paying for our groceries, I noticed that Nestle's booth opened where there is a registered dietitian giving us information about Nestle's choosewellness program. Our dietitian today is named Mark Cyrill. He talked to us about MOVABA or MOderation VAriety and BAlance.

Anyway, according to our Nestle choosewellness dietitian my Body Mass Index and blood pressure is at range but placed me at medium risk because of my lifestyle which is attributed to not eating breakfast and sleeping less than 7 hours a day. Still I was in a pretty good shape. My goal for doing thsi 14-day Fitness program is to have a weight of 110 pounds. I am currently at 112 pounds.

So for today two of my meals is replaced by a Nestle Cereal meal which consisted of 1 bowl of Nestle Fitnesse Cereals, 1 sliced of Dole pineapple in syrup and 1 glass of Sun Tropics orange-mango juice. So far I have eaten 1 matchbox size chicken, undetermined amount of Grower's peanuts and 1 250 ml Nestle low-fat milk.
Watch out for Day 2 of Show Off Your Shape 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Challenge...

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