Monday, March 26, 2012

What can my P100 buy in 2012?

The purpose of writing this blog is to serve as a documentation for consumers. Now that I am a major decision maker in making purchases for the household, I am quite frustrated on the current worth of my money compared to what I remember it can buy when I was a child.

My KFC chicken meal

Before a P100 baon means you are super rich but now if you try to give your child P100 and expect her to pay for his or her transportation fare and lunch food then you most probably will have a disgruntled child with a frustrated look on his or her face "Seriously, are you kidding me? You expect me to live with this?"

And I did have that same feeling (which is weird because I'm the one buying for my son and I) when we recently had a lunch date at KFC San Juan. 

We were both famished already and we have a craving for fried chicken. KFC was the closest fastfood to us so we decided to eat there. I ordered a hot and spicy chicken wing and my son wanted an original recipe (breast part). I was surprised to see such a small piece of chicken after I received my order. I asked the server for a replacement and was even more frustrated when I received an even smaller piece (picture 3 and 4). I shouldn't have asked!

Anyway, there is no point arguing with the server (don't shoot the messenger right) but yes I was frustrated. While I was eating my mini-meal, a thought entered my mind I wish I could show and tell what my P100 can buy when I was my son's age and what it can buy now. 

Then maybe our generation can understand that if we don't do anything to improve the state of living in the next few decades, our P100 will be just paying for one stick of isaw (barbecued chicken intestine on a stick). 

Hopefully, that doesn't happen but if it does well I really don't want to create that picture.

More pictures of what my P100 can buy in 2012 to follow.

So what can your P100 buy. Please share us your comments and suggestions as fellow consumers.


  1. Interesting post. Just today, I am budgeting my Php100 for our Sunday lunch. I told my self just "100 for today's lunch, ok?" I prepared tokwa't baboy. I know it is pulutan stuff and a side dish to lugaw, but hey, no one said it can't be a viand.

    Ok, for 100Php I bought:
    5 pcs of tokwa/ tofu- 25
    onion springs- 5
    pork fat - 30
    pork - 30
    magic sarap, pepper, onion- 10

    Saktong 100. So there, that's our Sunday lunch for 7 people, yes seven people. Hehehe.

  2. It is cheaper when you cook. I went to Bodhi, a vegetarian restaurant at Quezon Avenue because I heard that at 7pm they sell their food at 50% off. I got one bar of tofu for P40. A friend and I shared it. But since its vegetarian, so there's no meat. It's just plain tofu with sauce.

    So yeah, if we can its really better to cook at home.

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  4. Thanks for this post. What my Php.100.00 can buy? Actually it is more practical and advisable to eat in unlimited rice restaurant for Php.99.00 Why, the consumer can maximize his/her money. Plus you can request for an extra soup, unlimited condiments, unlimited rice, unlimited water, and you can make demands too (well in other restaurant you can practice it too) but it depends upon the consumer if he/she will practice his/her right. For me one of the best restaurant to visit when you have Php. 100.00 are Mang Inasal and Chickboy. Much practical mostly when you are going to eat with a group or with friends and family. God bless,hope this give an idea to the readers of this blog.

  5. when I was in college, i used to eat in fastfoods along U-belt. one piece chicken meal only costs 54 pesos. Now, the price had gone high (almost double). The inflation rate of peso is high..