Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy Kettle Corn! - A Consumer's Review Part 1

Popcorn is already one of the staple snacks in my family. My husband is religious in getting anime series for us which we watch every week as a family. It is one of the highlights of our week. We follow about 3 to four animes at a time so that’s about two hours of anime that we watch in a week.

And every time my nuclear family is gathered to watch our favourite anime, popcorn is always there. That’s why my family and I can proudly say that we can tell whether we are eating good popcorn or not.

What is Holy Kettle Corn?

First and foremost, Kettle corn is not the same with HOLY KETTLE Corn. Holy Kettle corn is hand-popped and prepared fresh every day, You can find Holy Kettle corn in 7-11 stores sold at P40 each.

Short History about Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is where popcorn (as we know it) originated. It was introduced in America back in the 18th century when corn was popped in cast-iron kettles. This is why its called “kettle corn”. Back then popcorn was sweet because honey, molasses or sugar was added. I guess that’s how cowboys and farmers liked it. Currently, popcorn comes in different flavors. The popular flavors are butter and cheese but there are those that are unique like wasabi, white cheese (my fave), cheddar, chocolate, marshmallow (yes believe it or not!). 

So far, I've tried Holy Kettle Corn's sour cream and barbecue flavored popcorn. I hope they add my favorite flavor but its ok if they don't try the other variants. I'm not sure that will still be kettle corn.

From the desert and farms, kettle corn reached the carnivals and flea markets and became one of the favourite snack foods. I remember when I was young, I lined up for kettle corn whenever there is a town fiesta. We buy it for P5 and they give us freshly popped kettle corn in transparent cellophanes which is also used for making ice that time. But the kettle corn I used to buy from carnivals is salty and oily. The kettle corn in the US is lightly coated, sweet-and-salty.

If you’ll notice Holy Kettle Corn (even if its sour-cream or barbecue flavored) has a sweet undertone taste. I guess this is to preserve the identity of the original kettle corn from the US.

Where does the corn of Holy Kettle Corn come from?
The corn used by Holy Kettle corn comes from Nebraska, United States. It is organically grown and according to them their corn kernel has the largest expansion ratio.

What does expansion ratio mean?
It means that when the corn pops it expands to its fullest size so that when you eat it you don’t have to spit the hard un-popped part of the kernel. This means you can have uninterrupted popcorn enjoyment.

Also Holy Kettle corn says that they use corn "without genetic modifications". What this means is that the genetic make-up of the corn was not altered to have bigger kernels, resistance to pest or additional nutritional value to it. Basically, they are saying that its just your good all natural corn.

What is the significance of knowing this?
Well as a parent of a child with ADHD or for any parent who is concerned with their family’s health or for people with stricter diet, this is important because our food choices are limited. So to know that there is a company that sells popcorn that complies with your strict requirements for food without compromising the taste and quality of what you like is reassuring. I guess that is also another market Holy Kettle corn will appeal to.

My Holy Kettle Corn review does not end here. Watch out for succeeding posts on:
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4. A vlog about our Holy Kettle Corn Purchase Experience (if I can find the GC's I received). I hope there's something I can take for my goldfish' memory. 

Tell us what is your Holy Kettle Corn's consumer review by commenting below.


  1. uy that is great! meron na palang ibang flavors ang KettleCorn!

  2. I love holy Kettle COrn! pero now ko lng din nalaman na may ibang flavors na siya

    1. Really! Wow I am elated to know that this post has helped you discover there are new variants for Holy Kettle Corn. Do tell me about it when you've tried the other flavors. :)

  3. So far to my knowledge they have barbecue and sour cream. They have the original flavored Holy Kettle corn but I have yet to try.

  4. I never hear of Kettle corn before. Makes me want to grab some.

    1. Great to know I can inspire you to grab some. Do tell me once you've tried it. :)

  5. We usually buy the American Famous brand, but I'll not mention the name, I never had tried Holy Kettle, yet, and now I guess I have a reason to. Good review on this!

    1. Hi Joy! Do tell me again once you've tried it. :)

  6. I love the fact that I can just much away without having to worry about the hard part of the pop corn.

  7. I didnt know na may ibang flavors pala ang kettlecorn! haha.

    1. Yeah it does. But Im wondering why people are surprised they have barbecue and sour cream. I've always thought they have. :)