Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Claw Daddy Edsa Shangrila Osteria Americana: A Night of Pizza, Pasta and Wine (A Review)

Claw Daddy Shangrila Osteria Americana
When you hear the name of the restaurant Claw Daddy the first thing that enters most people's mind is lobster. And I did have that expected impression seeing patrons wearing their big aprons, digging on big plates of food and laughing with gusto as they wrestle their lobster. However, this time my Claw Daddy Osteria Americana experience was different because tonight I will be trying out their pizza, pasta and wine.

Claw Daddy Shangrila Now Offers Italian Food
Just for a quick review, "osteria" comes from the word "oste" which is Italian for innkeeper (oste originated from "hospit-, hospes" which is Latin for host). With the addition of "eria" to make it a noun, the word evolved to what we now know as an inn, tavern, bistro or a small restaurant. 

Claw Daddy Shangrila Anchovy Pizza
Claw Daddy Shangrila Osteria Americana is a small restaurant that offers not just American dishes but also Italian food. As an American-Italian osteria, we started with sweet white wine. We were then invited to partake the Italian food prepared for Claw Daddy diners at the buffet table. I enjoyed the shrimp pomodoro, anchovy pizza, and mussel soup. 

My Claw Daddy Shangrila Night of Pasta, Pizza and Wine Meal
Later that night, I received a delightful treat of white chocolate tiramisu which I shared with the rest of the group.

Claw Daddy White Chocolate Tiramisu

I guess the idea of inviting bloggers to Claw Daddy is to help spread the news that this is the only Claw Daddy branch that will be offering Italian menu together with their well-loved American meals. 
Claw Daddy Mussel Soup

I did enjoy the wine with my meal and I just realized that my taste-buds have indeed matured because I enjoyed drinking Chardonnay with my meal which is not the case five years ago when I won't even drink anything that has alcohol in it. So I guess I did have my night of pizza, pasta and wine and that made my Claw Daddy Edsa Shangrila experience memorable. 

Claw Daddy Osteria Americana Wine Selection
The Claw Daddy Edsa Shangrila branch recently had its restaurant renovated to incorporate the Italian vibe in it which is hard to miss because its literally posted on the ceiling of the restaurant. I enjoyed the live band and the company of a few blogger friends - some new, some not-so-new and one who is a friend for life.

Claw Daddy Shangrila live band
Throughout our Claw Daddy dinner we enjoyed the ambiance, the music and the Italian food. Claw Daddy reminded me of that homey experience of fun, rowdy and loud dinner time.

Claw Daddy Shangrila Desserts

There are ongoing promos at Claw Daddy and hopefully this blog will remind you to ask about this promos when you visit the osteria. Who's going to complain about free parking and dessert right?

Claw Daddy Shangrila Promos

I would have wanted to interview the chef and know which Italian dishes were added to the menu to make Claw Daddy Edsa Shangrila distinct from the other branches but unfortunately the opportunity did not arrive because it was already late and we had to go home. 

Claw Daddy Fish and Chips
Claw Daddy Contact Details

When was the last time you went to Claw Daddy Shangrila for a night of pizza, pasta and wine? How was the experience for you? Please share it with us by dropping a comment below.


  1. Oh Ia, this post totally made me hungry... xP

    1. Hi pretty! This place might suit you if you like a "wine and dine" date night. See you around. :)

  2. seafoods + Italian cuisine, they try to tap the market from from all corners. :) We've tried C. Dad at the Fort area but the italian thing is something new to our taste buds.

    How I wish next business meetings will take us into places, first on the line - Claw Dad :)

  3. Hahahaha. Im quite afraid to have meetings where there is an over-flowing buffet.

    Maybe if its a vegetarian restaurant. Maybe we can go to Claw Daddy when there's a celebration. Whatya think?

    Now the only question is what are we going to celebrate next?