Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zenyu Ecospa: A Review

We were invited by Dr. Eric Tan to experience Zenyu Ecospa at Hotel H20 of Manila Ocean Park. Zenyu Ecospa comes from two words: "Zenyu" which means "complete healing" and Ecospa because it is the first eco-friendly spa in the Philippines. Currently, Zenyu Ecospa is also the first and only spa in the Philippines that uses negative ions to restore a person's health while giving an uber-relaxing and rejuvenating experience to its clients.

Reception area at Zenyu Ecospa (right beside Hotel H20's gym)

Dr. Eric Tan, the Zenyu Ecospa manager, gave us a walk-through of the spa. He first showed us experiments he made using the special Ecoparadise paint they used to emit negative ions in the entire hotel and Zenyu Ecospa. Hence, the secret of keeping the air inside Zenyu Ecospa and Hotel H2O fresh is found in this Ecoparadise paint. This Ecoparadise paint emulates the same kind of environment you can get when you visit areas where vegetation and plants abound. Thus, just by lounging at Zenyu Ecospa and Hotel H20 gives one a break from breathing the polluted city air.

This is also the same reason why cheese, raw pork and egg which Dr. Eric Tan placed inside Zenyu Ecospa have not rotten even after 6 months of storage inside the spa. For those of us who have experienced the smell of rotten eggs, we know its just hard to miss it. Hence, to keep these items fresh inside Zenyu Ecospa is an achievement itself. Dr. Eric Tan showed us the specially painted box and Ecoparadise plastic he used to store the items. The box was painted with this special paint from Ecoparadise products. The paint has a pinkish hue and emits negative ions. The same technology is found in the plastic bag which Dr. Eric Tan used to cover the fresh egg.

Raw egg kept for 6 months at Zenyu Ecospa

Another experiment done was using nails Dr. Eric Tan found in the construction site of Manila Ocean Park. Out of the three bottles, one bottle contained the Pirikare powder, another Ecoparadise product. Because the nails were placed in this Pirikare-solution it remained intact unlike those that were placed in normal tap water, rust has formed degrading the nails.

Effect of using Ecoparadise products on nails, cheese and raw pork

To learn more of the Ecoparadise products in Manila Ocean Park, check out my products review page coming out soon.

Our second stop at Zenyu Ecospa brought us to the capillaroscope. This technology is independent from the Ecoparadise products being promoted at the Zenyu Ecospa. However, it can be used vis-a-vis to supplement the concept of what negative ions can do for our body. The capillaroscope is an American product which reminds me of an oil immersion microscope. I will be making a separate feature about the capillaroscope in my next blog.

capillaroscope at Zenyu Ecospa

During the demonstrations of how our tired and short capillaries moved, we learned that by just using the Ecoparadise products in our daily routine we can surround ourselves in negative ions. However, if you are not priviledged to have Ecoparadise products in your life, you can always go to the hot bed therapy for a jumpstart.

Before trying the hot bed therapy, we were given a shot of hawthorn enzyme drink which was made by fermenting hawthorn berries and rosella inside an Ecoparadise pail. The hawthorn enzyme drink will give you a boost of antioxidants in your body. Just a quick recap of what can anti-oxidants can do: It can fight off cancer cells by removing the free radicals in our body.

Enjoying a shot of Hawthorn Enzyme drink

What makes Zenyu Ecospa stand out from other spas is that it is the only spa in the Philippines which has a hot bed technology. This technology was provided by the Ecoparadise products as well. To give you a boost of negative-ions, a 30-minute stay at the hot bed therapy can give you what you need.

Zenyu Ecospa hot bed therapy

The finale of our Zenyu Ecospa experience is a relaxing massage from the masseuse of Zenyu Ecospa. I heard rave comments from fellow bloggers about their massage experience which I guess something I expected since a great massage does give amazing effects on anyone who is tired and stressed. I would like to personally thank my masseuse, Maricel, for aligning my back which caused me this pesky pain brought about by long hours of work in front of the computer.

Massage bed at Zenyu Ecospa

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For those who are asking about the rates of the Spa, please check the items below. Please note these rates my change anytime depending on the discretion of Zenyu Ecospa management.

1. Walkthrough of Zenyu Ecospa= free (as long as Dr. Eric Tan is free as well)
2. Capillariscope = free
3. Hawthorn enzyme drink = free (FOR NOW!; remember it takes days to ferment this and it taste so great so book early so you can be assured that its available also there are plans of selling this hawthorn drink)
4. hot bed therapy = Php392.00 or about $ 9 to 10 US dollars (depending on the exchange rate) which is good for 30 minutes
5. massage:
a.) 60 minutes massage of either Swedish or Shiatsu massage = Php672 or P15 to 16 US dollars (you can talk to your masseuse for special requests just remember to give a tip please)
b.) A combination massage costs Php 1008 or $ 23 to 24 US dollars

For couples who would like to book for the hot bed therapy and the massage, it is better to call in advance so arrangements can be made for you.

And finally, to book appointments at the Zenyu Ecospa, you may call Hotel H20 at Manila Ocean Park at 2386100 or 5677777 and ask to be connected to Dr. Eric Tan, Kat or Lyn of the Zenyu Ecospa.


  1. Thanks for having us Ia. We really enjoyed the experience :)

  2. @ valerie: It was great spending a relaxing day with you guys. I linked your post in my blog as well. :) See you soon. :)

  3. hello.. I wish to visit that place..
    do they accommodate walk-ins?

  4. Yes they accept walk-ins. Ask for Dr. Eric Tan, manager of Zenyu Ecospa. He is a really nice guy. Mention my name as my guest too and hopefully get you a discount. :)