Sunday, September 19, 2010

Virtual Assistant (VA) Seminar by Jomar Hilario: A Review

Last Sunday, I went to attend Jomar Hilario's level 1 training on how to become a virtual assistant. According to his website, in this training you will get the following things:

Session 1: Initial Training for VAs

Details of the VA Training online course:
a. You'll know the requirements so you can be considered a good "candidate" to be a VA (physical, mental, skills, etc)
b. Websites and Skills and Programs you need to study because you'll need them as a VA
c. You'll know exactly what I tell my VAs to do, so you'll know the how easy or complex it is.
d. How to communicate properly with your offsite boss (this is the most critical skill and attitude as a VA).
e. How to negotiate or justify your "rate" (how much you'll receive or want to receive as VA).
f. What two buttons on the keyboard will become your best friend as a VA
g. The correct daily attitude towards your virtual boss to ensure smooth work flow and happiness for both of you.
h. How to make a SHINY and effective resume for VA employment.
i. Common misconceptions regarding VAs
j. Personal positive and negative realizations of existing VAs (people I've worked with)
k. How to cope with the eventual overwhelm if it happens (work load)
l. You'll find out how I started in this VA business (as a boss and trainer)

Note: Again this is NOT a technical course. If I discussed ALL programs in STEP BY STEP fashion, it will take more than a month non-stop. This is the introductory course that you can build on. If you can investigate how to use (for example, SKYPE) a program on your own, then you're going to be fine as a VA.

From the topics listed, I find the VA seminar practical and enlightening. It's true that you might be able to get the information for free if you researched on your own. Eventually, you will get to know the things Jomar Hilario discussed in his VA seminar. However, the problem is that most of us are programmed not to value the things we obtained for free thinking that losing it or not putting significant effort to pursue it is not a loss for us since we did not invest anything to get it anyway. Hence, as Jomar Hilario said he has yet to hear from participants he gave this VA seminar training for free.

So how much does it cost to invest in this VA seminar? I can say that the training fee is also practical given that the session is for 5-hours and is a no-nonsense approach to a Virtual Assistant's life. Thus, by the end of the VA seminar and you feel like it is not for you, then I think you should follow your gut because to become a Virtual Assisntant is not really for anyone. It takes a lot of discipline to become a home-based worker and some people are just stuck to the employee attitude that venturing on their own scares them a lot.

This seminar is not only a VA training seminar for me. Jomar mentioned several examples to help improve one's mindset not just as a VA but also to help broaden your perspectives in life. He emphasizes that everything you do will depend on your mindset. Life examples were provided by Jomar Hilario enumerating the things he has encountered in his life to make him a successful VA trainer here in the Philippines.

If you are tired from the corporate life and want to have more time to work at home (to get away from the stress, traffic, corporate attires, the lunch-outs and dinner splurges) and you just want to enjoy home-cooked meals and working from the comforts of your home then click the link below to attend a VA seminar from Jomar Hilario.

On the other hand, if you need a more extensive online marketing mentoring, Jomar Hilario promises to check your own site for one year and mentor you. You also get access to his network of online marketers where each of you can read issues and solutions on things online marketers experience. This kind of experience is what we call vicarious learning in Education and why is learning vicariously important? Simply because you learn on how other people make mistakes and how they overcame it. It is also a form of inspiration that you are not alone in this world. And the path to online marketing is just one click away:

According to Cito Beltran and Jomar Hilario, we Filipinos do not know how to negotiate. Maybe we find it embarrassing or that we were just not raised to have a business culture. If that's you, then you can still help your friends, family, colleagues and basically any person in this world by being an affiliate marketer for Jomar Hilario. (Actually, you can also do this for Bo Sanchez and I will tell you more about it in the next blog.) So if you think sharing this good news is to hard for you to do face to face and you just want to promote Jomar Hilario through e-mails, your blog, text or other forms of media, then click the link below.

The reason I am promoting Jomar Hilario is simple. I believe on what this guy is talking about: the importance of mindset, the law of abundance and most importantly the chance to give Filipinos an avenue to become an entrepreneur.

Now, think about it. when are you going to pursue your OWN success?

P.S. Do you want to get a free e-book on the basics on how to become a VA (with copyrights for distribution) from me, its easy. Follow me in this blog and PM me (do not post your e-mail in the message). I will contact you and send you the e-book via e-mail. That's just two easy steps!

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