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Capillariscope in Zenyu Ecospa, Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park, Philippines: A Review

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, capillaroscopy is the diagnostic examination of capillaries found in the nail beds and viewed using a microscope.

While doing my research, I found out that there is not much background on this technology available in the Internet yet. A popular item that comes out related to capillaroscopy is nail-fold capillaroscopy. A similar system is provided by KK Technology, an England-based company that provides "instrumentation and software systems for analysis of the microcirculation" (

capillaroscopy from KK Technology

As you can see in the picture found from KK Technology's website, the capillariscope is connected to computer monitors to show the activity of the capillaries. On the other hand the capillariscope in Zenyu Ecospa has an attached monitor already for viewing. I guess the only benefit I can see is that the capillariscope in Zenyu Ecospa allows an easier observation of your capillaries' activity.

capillaries are readily shown on the monitor of the capillariscope at Zenyu Ecospa

Similar to the handheld dermatoscope used as a nail-fold capillariscope presented in the website of Archives Dermatology (, the capillariscope in Zenyu Ecospa works "after a drop of oil (in this case olive oil) is applied to the nail, the objective (microscope's lens) of the capillariscope is placed on the nail fold and lightly pressed." Thanks to advancements, this time the capillary bed is viewed using the attached monitor instead of using the ocular piece of the microscope."

Dr. Eric Tan places a drop of olive oil on the forefinger before viewing it on the capillariscope

After adjusting the fine and course focus knobs of the capillariscope, one can readily see your very own capillaries.

What are capillaries again?
Capillaries are the smallest of the body's blood vessels and are part of the microcirculation. These small blood vessels connect arteries to veins. Capillaries branches throughout the body tissues to deliver oxygen and nutrients and carry away waste products.

capillariscope showing flowing blood in the capillaries

So what is the benefit of improving the health of your capillaries?
The answer is that the faster the performance of your capillaries result to an efficient traffic of delivering nutrients throughout your body and removal of waste products.

The length of active capillaries and the speed of their activity is affected by our lifestyle. Hence, most of the damage our capillaries are subjected to is something we caused ourselves. Majority of the reasons of poor capillary activity I heard from participants were due to high stress in their job, poor sleeping and/or eating habits and health conditions.

But what if you can't avoid the unhealthy lifestyle right away?
That is where Zenyu Ecospa comes in. The participants in the blogger's event for Zenyu Ecospa where kind of hesitant at first and at the same time curious about what their capillaries would look like. Some already mentioned warnings before sitting on the chair about what they ate recemtly, how many hours of sleep they had last night and so on and so forth. I guess they were hoping to justify the lack of visible healthy capillaries.

As the old saying goes, "Looks can be deceiving". Somebody who looks healthy may not be really healthy when you look at them skin-deep wise. I can't help but think that those who do not have satisfactory capillary action in their bodies are potential walking time-bombs ready to explode any condition or disease they might be predisposed of or somehow develop due to their lifestyle. It is a common reaction after seeing the results of the capillariscope for people to utter promises that they will soon change their bad health habits. Personally, one can really hope they do and I am not an exception to those people who need to change their lifestyle.

According to Dr. Eric Tan, the capillariscope can be one of the devices use to diagnose health conditions. However, they would still need more data and information to make an accurate diagnosis.

For now having your capillaries checked in the capillariscope in Zenyu Ecospa has no fee as long as you acquire at least one of the services of Zenyu Ecospa. It is part of their bonus service when you get a massage or enjoy a hot bed therapy. For a list of services currently available at Zenyu Ecospa, check out my Zenyu Ecospa review

To book appointments at the Zenyu Ecospa, you may call Hotel H20 at Manila Ocean Park at 2386100 or 5677777 and ask to be connected to Dr. Eric Tan, Kat or Lyn of the Zenyu Ecospa.

Kat and Lyn of Zenyu Ecospa

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