Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seriously Picture Taking in front of the Bus of the Rolando Mendoza Hostage Drama

I found these pictures circulating in Facebook and I guess the reason why I am posting it is because "come on guys, didn't we learn anything!"

Students I know you think this is just for souvenir purposes but did you know that your picture is captured in a British column

with a caption of "Sickening: Students pose for photographs near the damaged tourist bus as people gather to watch the investigation"

The term used to describe your action is "sickening". In Filipino, what can be the translation? Wait could it be nakakasuka? nakakapangilabot? nakakasulasok? or all of the above?

There is even a photo of you guys cursing you but I did not post that picture here because it's just too much. Please show some consideration. The way the authorities handled the situation is being ridiculed by people around the world. Let's not add to that burden anymore.

But I find this other photo more disturbing. I am pleading our policemen to please think. Think before you act. In case you haven't noticed you guys are under a lot and I mean bigger than life concerns and criticisms right now. Please show some honor to the uniform and badge you are wearing. Just pleae stop doing anything that might embarrass our country and you even dared to smile behind one of the world's most gruesome murders.

I hope these are the last two photos I am adding in this mail but if there are more please send it to me and let's make an album of people who does not know the meaning of "remorse".

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