Monday, January 21, 2013

Things I don't Need But I'd Like to Buy in Pinoy Bazaar

I've been to so many bazaars for the last ten years and there came a point that I have five years worth of extra Christmas gifts from all of this bazaar hoarding. After Ondoy, I realized that keeping all these things is pointless, expensive and hardwork.

Then I totally stopped going to bazaars. No more sales. No more long queues just to buy that branded item for 70% off. No more dirty looks from fellow shoppers who is eyeing the same shoe you were looking at as soon as you step in the shopping zone. No more.

I dont want to spend money but I want to buy stuff someecards iaadamlim

But a shopper will always be a shopper. So now I shop for online contests. In one of those online contests I joined I happen to win a gift from Pinoy Bazaar.

Was I excited to go to the bazaar after two years of boycotting it? Oh yes and at the same time I'm worried. So I left my cash and my atm (but my subconscious treacherous mind kept my credit card). And so during the bazaar I was only able to buy P500 worth of items in cash and X-amount via credit card. Don't ask.

Anyway, I managed to stop myself from buying the items I am listing below but I still think about them. Obviously because its been more than a month and I am writing this blog.

So here is the list of things I don't need but would like to buy from Pinoy Bazaar. The photo is just appropriate for my bazaar drama. Don't you think?

1. Whisk dips - A cook cannot have enough dressing. They just have to have many.
Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Whisk Iaadamlim

2. I Love Philippines T-Shirts - Can you spot that Black T-shirt that says "Iniibig Ko ang Pilipinas". That's the one I want.
Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Tshirt Iaadamlim

3. Yes I know I have a pitaka passport holder but I would like to have a matching sleeve for my Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Sleeves Iaadamlim

4. I was really thinking if I should get this one for the house. Until now I am thinking and praying that somebody close to me will read this blog and give this to me as a gift. I like everything in this photo.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Ref Notes Iaadamlim

5. This Panda collection is not for me but for my sister, Momo. I'm not sure though is she is still collecting them. But I will show her this photo and ask if I should get it next time.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Panda Bookmarks Iaadamlim

6. This handmade soaps are made from goats milk. They even give out samples that looks like yema. I just hope I remember that its soap.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Kala Milk Soap Iaadamlim

7. Yes another handmade soaps but I just love how the merchant arranged these soaps I want to have the same at home.
Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Handmade Soaps Iaadamlim

8. People who are close to me know that I like wearing dresses because its just one piece of clothing. Saves time to wear, saves effort to wash and saves space to store.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Dresses Iaadamlim

9. I like the idea of these door signs but I just couldn't find a sign that suits me. Also I think its kinda expensive for P99 a pop. I found a pitaka passport for half the prize.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Door Signs Iaadamlim

10. I was actually supposed to buy this coffee for our friends in Iloilo but I wanted to try it first before buying. Unfortunately when I dropped by they were out of stock of samples and I forgot to go back for it. Also I found another pasalubong already that's why I did not remember to go back for it. Maybe next year, when the opportunity arises again I'll be able to get this coffee.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Coffee Iaadamlim

11. I really cannot see how these buttons made from tansan "softrdink caps" or these puppet fingers can be of use to me. But the teacher in me likes them and if I do receive them I will just hug and squeeze the person who will give this to me.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Bottle Cap Finger Puppet Iaadamlim

12. On my way out to the bazaar, my hands are full and my feet are tired. I saw these guys but I was too full to try them. This is the second time I missed these chocolate brownies from Chocolate atbp. Next time, this will be the first thing in my list.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar Chocolate Atbp Chocoholics Philippines

13. I have my eye set on the chocolate cupcake after tasting the sample. The owner of Birdhouse bakers was a very nice woman who offered to replace the cupcake I was eating after she offered to hold it for me and it fell. I wanted to accept her offer but I wanted to buy first before accepting her token. Unfortunately, I have no cash left and she did not accept credit card payments. So until my next Global Pinoy Bazaar, these lovely cupcakes have to wait.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar Birdhouse Bakers Chocolate Cupcakes Chocoholics Philippines

14. Saving the best for last is this adorable and very cute Quiddity notebooks. Just look at these unique and one-of-a-kind notes. If it was a planner I might have been tempted to get one (not really) or a scrapbook holder (hmmm now that's interesting) or a photo album (sure buy). Not that I mind that its a notebook, I just don't know what I will do with it after I use it as a notebook. So my life's motto of "reduce, re-use and recycle" overrides my desire to get these notepads.

Quiddity Notebooks Global Pinoy Bazaar Iaadamlim

I think I have more items I would like to add here but these are the top 14 I am still thinking about months after the bazaar. Well, I guess there are 14 reasons why I will visit the 2013 Global Pinoy Bazaar by Yabang Pinoy.

Were you able to visit the 2012 Global Pinoy Bazaar? Is there anything you wish you could have bought? Tell us about it by commenting below.

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