Monday, January 14, 2013

My Precious Global Pinoy Bazaar Finds

This 2012 I am blessed to win one of Yabang Pinoy's "May Tanong" Cards during one of their online contest to promote the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2012.

Yabang Pinoy May Tanong Cards Iaadamlim

Because of that I was motivated once again to go to a bazaar. Below are the items I actually bought during the Global Pinoy Bazaar.

1. Whisk Dressing - I got the Japanese Mango Dressing as a gift for friends who we visited in Iloilo.  I figured they live 15 minutes away by boat from Guimaras which is popular for its Guimaras mangoes. They may want to re-create the dressing their way after tasting our pasalubong.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Whisk Dressings Iaadamlim

2. Bugnay Wine from Adams, Ilocos Norte - I am arranging a family get-together at home and I was hoping that the Adam's family can drink this together. Also I learned that there is a very nice stay-in place at Adams, Ilocos Norte and I hope one day we can go there.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Bugnay Wine Iaadamlim

3. Pitaka Passport Holder - I actually bought it not for its use but for the design. My passport holder has an inscription for the children's Filipino rhyme "Ako Ay May Lobo". I actually used it to hold our e-tickets on our way to Iloilo. It made it easy to spot our tickets and hold ID's. It would have been a great buy if it had more flaps where you can hold bills or ID and it can be closed bya zipper, velcro or a button to because I find the flaps inside quite short and the IDs keep falling off. Still, I love my pitaka passport holder because it shows my personality and its very Filipino. There was a gold-colored passport holder during the bazaar and I would like how that one was constructed but with the Pinoy personality of Pitaka. Guess you know guys how I decided at the end.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Wallets Iaadamlim

4. Chocolate Cupcake from Frosted - The chocolate cupcake looked so decadent I had to wipe consciously close my mouth and gulp to prevent myself from drooling. Halfway through I felt dizzy from all the sweet and chocolate I was eating I badly need a drink to push it down my throat. So if you're not much of a cupcake person (like me) but would love to try this very decadent and sweet cupcake, I recommend you find a person to share it with. Other than that, its a must try.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Chocoholics Philippines

5. Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates - Our friends from Iloilo also like chocolates so I got them two of the three most popular Theo and Philo Chocolates (Dark Chocolate with Calamansi and Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo). I kept the 70% chocolate for myself. You see the bitter, the better when it comes to dark chocolates.

Yabang Pinoy Bazaar For Sale Theo & Philo Chocolates Iaadamlim

6. Malunggay, Okra, Calamansi Juice Concentrate - by the time I bought this juice my hands are full. I'm tired from walking. I'm really thirsty. That's why I forgot to take a photo. Did it quench my thirst? Yes, definitely. Will I buy it again? Yes but with apprehension. I like how they prepared the sample but when I prepared it at home it tasted different to me. I really think its a healthy drink but the okra feels quite slimy in my throat. I've never tried the aloe vera drink but if you like that kind of drink then this will be heavenly for you.

There you go guys... my precious global Pinoy Bazaar Finds. Usually, going home I regret having to buy so much stuff after a bazaar. This time its the opposite. I hope I could have bought more for me and my family because I think these are Filipino products worth supporting and buying.

Have you been to any Yabang Pinoy Bazaars? Tell us about your experience by commenting below.

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