Sunday, August 19, 2012

Caritas Manila Helping Flood Victims: A Call for Support to Fellow Filipinos

A fellow blogger and a friend of mine is actively helping Caritas Manila. In support of their continuous effort to help our fellow Filipinos who were affected by flood, I would like to share with you their call for support to our fellow Filipinos. 

Below is Caritas Manila's request:

Caritas Manila continues with its relief efforts for the thousands of victims of flooding in Metro Manila.

Caritas Manila’s Damayan, the relief assistance and emergency program of the Church as of August 15, 2012 has provided relief assistance to 20, 444 families in the parishes under the Archdiocese of Manila and Dioceses of Caloocan,Cubao, Pasig, Antipolo, and Malolos.

Caritas Manila so far has raised Php 2,892,635 In-Cash donations and Php. 534,618 In-Kind donations from individuals, organizations and parishes for the flood victims.
Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon will still continue to experience intermittent rains according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

For Donations in kind: 
please call Caritas Manila at telephone numbers 5620020 up to 25 local 22 to 24

For Cash Donations: 
You may deposit to: 
Account Name: Caritas Manila, Inc.
Peso Bank Savings Account:
BPI  S/A 3063-5357-01
BDO S/A 5600-45905
Metrobank S/A 175-3-17506954-3
UnionBank C/A 00-030-001227-5

Dollar Savings Account:
Account Name: Caritas Manila, Inc.
BPI Dollar Account: 003064-0033-55
PNB Dollar Account: 252-703687-1

For questions and comments:
Please feel free to contact our Mr. Joseph G. Navarro, PR, Communication and Events Officer at numbers 5620020 loc. 13 or 0916-396-9123

The trauma of flood does not just go away that easily. I know it first hand based from first hand experience after flood entered our home then during the Ondoy storm. My family and I decided to move out after that. I still feel agitated when I hear the rain but I'm coping (after meditation classes to help re-program myself from associating rain with floods). I cannot imagine how hard it is for those who've actually lost homes, lost properties and even loved ones. 

Be the change you want to see and one way is to show your support to Caritas Manila. 

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  1. Thanks Ms. IA for spreading the word.. this will definitely help Caritas Manila a lot. :)