Saturday, August 18, 2012

Good Housekeeping and 3M Philippines Presents the "Good Ideas Workshop" at SM North Edsa

Last Sunday, we ended a week with a mid-year resolution: Clean the clutter. I invited one of my BFF mommy friend, Glad to accompany me to Green Housekeeping's event at SM North Edsa.

The timing is perfect. Do you know why?

When I called Glad the day before that, her husband was busy repainting the first floor of their house which was destroyed when flood waters of the torrential monsoon entered their home. The house was a mess because everything the first floor occupied is now on the second floor. Since this is the second time flood waters entered (the first one was during Ondoy), Glad's family is more prepared that the first one.

While waiting for the event to start, Glad and I were talking how timely this event is for us. My family and I just moved to our new home and Glad needs to seriously do something about the clutter she has after the storm.

Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco was the host for that Sunday's Good Ideas Workshop. Good Ideas is actually a section in the Good Housekeeping magazine. The reason why the GH magazine chose it to be the theme of their workshops according to GH Editor-in-chief is that it is one of the most popular sections to GH readers.

Ms. Tisha of Good Housekeeping Magazine and Ms. Jackie Lou as the Good Ideas host. 

True enough, we can say that we really learned good ideas from the workshop to implement in our homes. Ms. Tisha facilitated the Clutter Personality Test. This test was actually printed in the earlier months of GH this year. After the Clutter Personality test, we tallied the scores and the among the five personalities which also represented our choices from a to e, I found out that I am a bargain hunter. I had a strong suspicion that I already am. My friend Glad was also a bargain hunter according to her test (I guess that's why we are good friends.) But I was surprised to find out that the next closest clutter personality that I have is a sentimentalist.

After this workshop I started "editing" my stuff. Editing is one of the terms I learned from the Good Ideas workshop as well all the little mementos, receipts, cards, trinkets I was keeping in stashed boxes. They were materials I was keeping just in case I finally feel the urge to take my scrapbooking to full gear. But its been years and it still haven't happened. So now I have a new resolution. If I haven't touched something for a year, I most probably will not use it ever so I might as well apply the principles of the 3R's (reduce, reuse or recycle).

3M Philippines Products

There was also talk about space management, organizing space and elements we have to consider when designing our homes. Those who purchased the latest issue of the GH magazine during the event were able to receive a pre-packed food, lootbag and a chance to win in the raffle. Luckily, I was one of the lucky winners of the minor prizes. I do feel envious of the winners of the major winners especially the winner of the Command bathroom set. Still, I am pretty happy with my loot. Picture to follow once I finally decided to hang my Command shampoo rack.

It was a fun day for Glad and I. I was also happy to see familiar faces of fellow bloggers. To see more photos of the Good Housekeeping Good Ideas Workshop, you can check out my fan page at Iaadamlim. If you like to scrapbook and looking for more products from 3M, check out Special Education Philippines for school materials updates on Post-it and other school materials updates.

There will be more Good Ideas workshops soon. Will you be interested to join? Tell us why by commenting below.

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