Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Chicken Dish Outback Steakhouse Paid Us to Take Home

Alright, you might think this is some promotional blog or whatever but it is and it is not at the same time. It is because it is a blog and I am going to promote my experience in a restaurant where my family and I ate. It is not because I am not paid or invited to go to this restaurant to blog about them. I went there at my own capacity and paid for my own meal. Food tastes better when you pay for it anyway (in my humble opinion).

I am not a food blogger so don't expect a sophisticated review. My knowledge of cooking is very limited and most of the time I use what I learned from my chemistry lab when I'm cooking.

But what I am 100% and definitely sure of is that I am a consumer. I buy lots of products and I am a decision-maker in making purchases for our household.

Why am I blogging this? You are reading this blog because I want to share my experience how we got paid to take home chicken from Outback Steakhouse. And so the story goes this way...

Yesterday was my birthday and the belated celebration for my husband's new job. (Wohooo!) We also moved to a new home this year and we pass by the street of Libis, Quezon City most of the time. On one of those days when we talk of happy memories, we remembered a family gathering we celebrated in one of the restaurants in Libis which is Outback Steakhouse.

That is the reason why we chose Outback Steakhouse Libis as the restaurant to visit again. Now back to the chicken dish...

There is no better way to explain this but to tell you the story of our night. First, we didn't want to join the rush hour of hungry dinner crowd so we went to Outback Steakhouse early. We arrived around 5-ish which is good because the restaurant is actually open from 12 to 3pm and 5 to 10pm.

I had a splitting headache which I always get after riding any mode of transportation (even on horseback) so I was feeling a little grumpy. I looked at the menu and my first thought was to order either fish or burger (my favorite things to eat) but then settled to Filet tips with mushroom instead since Outback is a steakhouse so I better take advantage of their steaks. My husband ordered Baby Back Ribs which he split with my child. There is a promo where you can get either a salad or soup of the day for a discounted price when you order from Outback Favorites menu. So we got two creamy onion soups together with our order.

We are given a loaf of bread with butter as an appetizer (this one is FREE) which is perfect because we don't want to feel heavy before the main meal. Our order arrived a few seconds before we finished the bread so we happily dig in! Mates the food was delish and in about a quarter of an hour our plates are wiped clean. We then decided to order the Dessert Sampler Trio to complete our meal that night.

It was a gluttonous day. We kept saying it's a good thing we did not order an additional appetizer anymore because our dinner was up to our throats already. Oh by the way, I also received a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a "Happy Birthday" note written in Chocolate Syrup (Birthday treat - So sweet!)

Finally, we are ready to get our check. (This is the juicy part of the steak -err, chicken story) Our friendly host for that night was Cai and their accommodating manager was Mark. We looked at our bill and handed our Metrobank credit card. Cai told us that there is an ongoing promo between Outback and Metrobank card and that we could get a whopping 40% discount if our bill reaches P3000 (excluding service charge and tax). Currently our bill was about P2700+. We couldn't believe what we were hearing so I brought out my handy dandy Samsung tab and computed the discount. We called Cai again and showed her our computation. The conversation sounded something like this, "So you mean Cai if our bill reaches P3000 (proceeded to type in 3000 in the calculator) we will only pay for (my husband said "times 0.6 hun" and I said "i know i know") P1800? Cai said "Yes ma'am". Then I asked "So now how much do I have to add to my bill to avail of the discount?" She looked at us and then looked at the menu and said that any dish worth at least P500 will do. She added that "This promo is open until the end of October 2012 ma'am and many have already availed this".

My husband and I looked at each other and we said "Chicken!" and that's how we ended ordering "Alice Springs Chicken" as our take-out. After adding our chicken to the bill and after removing the 40% discount (excluding service fee and tax), we paid P2000+. We went home very happy that night. We had a P700 discount from Outback, a chicken take-out and a scrumptious dinner.

And that my friends is the story of the chicken dish Outback paid us to take home. Credits to my husband for the title which he thought of while eating the Alice Springs Chicken for Brunch. Thanks to Metrobank Credit Card for the discount and Outback Steakhouse Libis for the lovely dinner, birthday song and ice cream dessert.

Photo of Alice Springs Chicken from Google Images

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  1. What a great chicken story, Ia! At first I was thinking it was a "not-so-good" story (tipong bad dining experience) because of how you made an intro about "I am not a food blogger so don't expect a sophisticated review." Good thing Cai mentioned about the promo, aba, super tipid na, may take home pang chicken! :) Belated happy birthday.