Thursday, May 10, 2012

Corruption and Politics in Blogging

I have so many stories of things that sickens me about the world and I could have ranted it here in my blog but I didn't. Why? Just because I can does not mean I have to. But this time its different, I think that if I don't do something about the issues that plague me then I will be doing myself and the rest of the world an injustice. I remember a famous quote from Edmund Burke " The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing." And I've seen evil recently, just pure evilness and I just can't take a blind eye any more because its a filth that's just too big, too fat, to ignore.

1. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

There are so many temptations in blogging especially because of the idea that it is supposedly uncensored and unbiased. But is it? Is it really unbiased? Is it really uncensored? I am not so sure about this. Press releases are released in different blogging groups for bloggers to publish unedited or edited in their blogs depending on the blogger. I guess there is no problem with that especially if the brand is something that you support or if you want to share an announcement or information. However, what if its not? What if its just for traffic? I guess that's all right too if its your niche but what if its not? What if you just want to get the favor of the PR person who released it or if you just need content for your blog because you have nothing to write anymore, you're too busy to write or you don't know how to write?

Can you still call it objective? Can you still call it unbiased? Can you still call it a blog? or is it just a site for PR people to dump their press releases. Na-ah-ah. Be careful because you can't believe your own press release.

Two Face (aka Harvey Dent)

2. Honesty, Openness and Trust (HOT).

I was taught that if you have a concern with any one then you should address that person concerned directly. Why? Because it will not do you any good or service if you spread rumors and lies or backstab people that have wronged you. It will only create more animosity and distrust. Isn't the purpose of conversation to clarify things so that we can do better next time. So how can backstabbing really help? Really how? The person is not there to protect him or herself, to stand up and clarify what he or she believes? And you attack this person? Then the backstabber proclaims he or she is in the right, how in the world did you ever come up with that illusion when the premise of your action is based on lies and deceit? I am appalled.

As adults and possible model figures to the people around us, it seems the blogging culture is turning out to be an online version of corruption and politics with issues like lootbag hoardering, backstabbing, client snatching, and online bullying.

Is karma digital? I hope so because I've met "religious people" who pray out loud and publicly to a God and behind closed doors hurt, bad-mouth, gossip, instigate, create and exaggerate issues that could be fixed if only a HOT communication was done. When I say karma I don't wish for people to get hurt but I wish for them the same thing Princess Danielle wished for her evil stepmother "show her the same courtesy that she has bestowed upon me."

Two-Face Woman
Too bad we have these issues in blogging because it is hurting the system. They call themselves people with breeding? But what is breeding? Can you call yourself a person with breeding if people can only see you do good things when you're in public? Inside in your heart and soul can you really say that you have breeding if you spend half of your life making people feel miserable and the other half feeling miserable for yourself.

3. Play fair and protect the oppressed.

People are strong when they are surrounded by what they call peers and groups. They say they have power in number. I'd rather walk alone in a road less traveled than follow a tide that has brought out years of corruption, crab-mentality and grief. No wonder nothing has changed because we keep on doing the same thing. We hurt and destroy the few ones that go against our will because we are threatened to face the reality that we are wrong. Instead of taking responsibility for our actions we look for scapegoats. It will never change unless we play for win-win.

I hope I live and die giving hope. As I've said hope is a dangerous thing to lose because when you are feeling hopeless then that's when "Two-face" was born. I hope I can emulate our heroes lives. I haven't given up hope and will continue to blog even if at times it sickens me to the stomach because I know there are still a few good men and women out there who will stand out for the truth even if it means going against the tide however big and ugly it may be.

Corruption and Politics in Blogging (The Two Face of Blogging)

I have received this gift from friends and our discussion have resulted to a very fruitful exchange. It is always a blessing to share thoughts and ideas with kindred spirits.

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt"

Note: The photos are not mine. Thanks to Yahoo Images for these images. The two-face woman is the winner of the 2011 San Diego Cosplay while the two-face man is from the movie "The Dark Knight". For more dtails about these photos check out my fan page Iaadamlim


  1. some online enthusiasts are aware (intentionally) and some are not. Whose to blame? Blogging can instigate everything --- from free form, yes from backstabbing, client snatching and even copy/paste identities.

    Yes I do received a couple of PRs and no I don't entertain those who are not-niche related and who often used you to propagate a campaign. And no I don't care to get their attention, it's them who should (marketing) who should do research who to tapped, who's intriguingly influential. Yes, others do it as a means to make money, others as a lifestyle, others a their plain hobby.

    From these days, readers online and researches should instill in them how to properly gauge a blog's content and dynamism. Would they know if they had accessed a wrong link with pretentious information?

    Readers should also take note that anything available online are meant to be there --- mostly for campaigns. Doing intelligent research is required, I don't believe in page ranking. :)

    Being a blogger, I learned (in a way) how to spot a genuine content vs. paid post or those that appear rarely-cooked in my taste. :)

    And yes I do publish PRs that I feel worth publishing with edited adoption. And no I am not paid to do it unless otherwise stated. :)

    And for blogger-client buster, pity are those who crawl on clients just to get renumeration. It's their choice and nobody can't dictate it upon them, I just hope they get contented and satisfied with what they do. And are honest with their work ethics.

    I like this topic of yours, I can't stop talkin' :))

  2. i love the make up its like real..