Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What is a Happy Problem?

What is your Happy Problem?
The first time I've heard of the term "happy problem" was from my husband who was describing a business problem businessmen would be happy to hear about.

Oxymoronic as it may seem, happy problem can be a perception where a businessman sees challenges as windows of opportunity to better improve a system or product. To put it simply, it is the challenges one encounters due to your success let's say a long queue because your product is so in demand, your product becomes out of stock after just 30 minutes that its been on the shelf or a service everyone is clamoring to get.

The game Diner Dash is one example I can think of now which can best describe what a happy problem is. Since Iaadamlim is a blog about consumerism, here are a few things to consider when you encounter a happy problem:

1. Patience. Patience. Patience. A happy problem is temporary and can be addressed with proper management and organization.

2. Take the happy problem one step at a time. Work on the simple ones first, those that can be solved right away and work your way up to the big happy problems.

3. Prepare for contingency plans. Hope for the best results but expect the worst possible case scenario (another contradiction!)

4. Keep your cool. You are rewarded for the amount of service you provide and money is just a consequence of your success. You may offer the best ice cream in town but if you're attitude during crunch time is as sour as a lemon, I'd rather go to the second best store who can offer me the best experience!

5. Learn from your mistakes and learn to forgive yourself. So you had a bad day today. It's your choice if you want to prolong it until the end of the week or be motivated to do better the next time or tomorrow.

There you go folks. These are just the basic things to consider in tackling a happy problem. It's a wonderful day today and here is a song from The Happy Problem, a band founded by Samantha 'Sam' Shaber. She is joined by Bronx drummer, Tony Cortes, and Brooklyn bassist, Joe Nerve. The band is now based in New York City. The Happy Problem has just released their first full-length album entitled, Head Case which is a mixture of punk and pop. The Happy Problem's Head Case takes influences from Duran Duran to Pearl Jam to Gogol Bordello. There are 11 "melodic punk tunes" in Head Case which you can see below.

The Happy Problem Band

  1. Curvature
  2. Matador
  3. The Prettiest Girl
  4. Seaweed
  5. Coldfish
  6. Head Case
  7. Material Girl
  8. Wizard
  9. Lost
  10. Downtown
  11. YOU

This morning I chose The Happy Problem's cut "Downtown" to tackle my happy problem. Forget all your troubles, forget all your care. And have a Happy Problem Day!

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