Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Fit, Toned and Wonderful Holiday Season from FTW Magazine

FTW Magazine First Issue
I've been wanting to visit Reebok Megamall ever since I learned that I was chosen as FTW Magazine's letter sender for its maiden issue featuring Nikki Gil. FTW's first issue was entitled The Curves Challenge: Get Your Fitness Regimen Started Sans The Intimidating Gym Hardcores. To be picked as FTW magazine's letter sender for its first-ever issue is already mind-blowing awesome! (Yipeee!!!) Then to be awarded with the Reebok kicks of my choice is the cherry on top of my chocolate cake.

So after all the holiday buzz (well actually it ain't over yet because New Year is just a few days away), well let's just say one afternoon after finishing my day's chores, the family and I went to visit Reebok Megamall.

We arrived at about 5ish and the first thing I noticed is that there's a Reebok sale. So the deeply-ingrained female genes in me saw the 60% off and went to shopping mode. But hey, wait I'm here to get my free shoes and I want to buy more. Hahahaha. hoarder!

Reebok Megamall 2011 Christmas Sale
Well, why did I join the FTW Magazine contest anyway? Is it because its free? Let's face it everybody likes something for free. But not everything free is needed or well in my case not every free stuff I get I use. Simply because its not just possible. You can't need everything!

The reason behind joining the contest was actually quite personal. So read closely, I'm about to share some personal stuff here. (Flashbacks in sepia mode, hey wait Im not that old! Ok flashbacks in colored)
You see when I was just starting out to earn money, resources weren't readily available. And the first branded rubber shoes I bought for myself was Reebok. Because I don't exercise that much (but will do starting next year or so I keep on telling myself) my Reebok kicks lasted for five freakin' years. I changed it when someone gave me another pair of kicks (not from Reebok) and I wanted this person to see that I'm using the gift.
Reebok Megamall Philippines
Well one year after using the new shoes and an injury to my heel later on it made me decide to get a new pair of kicks. Then one day feeling fat, I asked my husband "Hun, am I fat?" (If I may say so this is the top most-hated question of men). My husband gave me like a three-second look and said "No hun.". And I retorted "How can you say that, you didn't even look at me for a long time. I can feel my stomach bulging and my arms are swinging. (Picture me flapping my belly and arms) I think I'm getting fat. It's my work you know. I'm in the computer the entire day. 

Then my husband, as always, will return to his very long pauses which can last for days. It was his way of saying "Im not going to be dragged in a conversation you and I know will not end well."

Reebok Megamall 2011 Christmas Promo
I thought he did not pay attention to my question that morning so when he came home that day he had a surprise for me. He pulled out an FTW magazine and did not say anything. I think I remarked "I didn't know you have a crush on Nikki Gil" which got me no reaction again. My husband is really a man of very few words. I mean literally.

When I realized that it was a fitness magazine. I got vexed. "So are you really saying that I'm fat!". His short response was "Just read.". When I turned to page 4 my mood changed because I saw the picture of my co-teacher's (Teacher Bitz  from Wordlab) husband, Chappy Callanta. Chappy is also the Program Director and part-owner of Club 360, a fitness center.

I turned to page 15 where Chappy's picture said he will be and was actually surprised that it was an article he wrote for those who are starting to work out. I closed the magazine this time (I was stalling to face reality) and did not pick it up until the next day.

Chappy Callanta of Club 360 for FTW Magazine
Let's just summarize what Chappy said here about starting to work-out:
1. Set attainable goals - Ia is thinking "Well what is attainable for me? 15 to 30 minutes tops. Where? At home or around the neighborhood. I don't like to travel far just to get a workout. I work at home so the best place and time is when I'm taking a break from work.

2. Use the installment method - Hey I like that especially if its zero percent interest 12 months to pay buy now pay later. Well unfortunately that is not the installment method FTW magazine is advocating. It means that if you do 15 minute workouts 3 to 4 times a day like running, push-ups, swimming, etc it can substitute for a 45-minute traditional workout. Well, the installment method works with item 1 especially the time allocation.

The Friendly Reebok Megamall Staff

3. Look for opportunities to be active - Now this is the part that gets a really shady for me. I can't commit to 5 minutes of walking every hour. But I know I gotta do this somehow so what I do is I have a water container with me filled with either juice, water or chocolate drink and I tell myself to finish at least one of that a day. The container is about 1 liter. I usually finish one by the middle of the day so I can consume about 1 1/2 upto 2 by 5pm. Sometimes I even finish three. The reason why I do this is because I have a small bladder. God knows how many horror stories I had during long journeys and traffic. And so when I have to stand up to answer to the call of nature that's the time I know I have to break from long hours of sitting.

4. Get a dog - I don't plan to. End of story.

5. Get a trainer - I intend to look for one for swimming. After that heel injury I stopped running everyday which was sad because I was getting better at it. I can run faster and better but now I know that the wrong rubber shoes can only make things worse for you. I learned it the hard way. This is the time that functionality should be the priority before fashion sense.

My Reebok Prized Kicks Thanks to FTW Magazine
Out of the 5 starter kit tips, I decided I'm good with four. I read the rest of my FTW magazine and saw a lot of the things I liked to do. There was an advertisement for Stomp, I also liked the buyer's guide and the editor's note. The last page I read was the Editor's note and that's how I found out about FTW Magazine's Reebok contest and decided to join.

While looking at all the pages I read I didn't realize that I was already making a conscious decision to have a fit, toned and wonderful change in my daily habits. Thanks to FTW Magazine I am steps closer to it. (pun intended)

FTW Magazine 2nd Issue

Currently FTW Magazine just released their second issue which you can grab at Nike Park (BGC),  Plana Forma, Urban Athletics (Greenbelt), Snoe Beauty Inc. (inside Cinderella) and other distribution sites.

Disclaimer: The conversation written above may not be the exact situation (as in word per word) that transpired on that day but it was created to give you an idea of the scenario. 


  1. Haha. I love your disclaimer! Hehe.

    OMG, this blog post is so timely my dear.. I also need to lose some weight. People might say I am thin and all, but comparing myself with my old self, I gained alot! Thank you for posting the tips! I will start my work out and "easy" installment exercise tom.

    And yes, I can relate with you reg having a small bladder. I feel like an oldie, always looking for the nearest washroom! Haha.

    1. I love drinking water. I feel like I'm always parched which my husband said is actually because of the chocolate.

      To which I replied, don't blame it on chocolates! That's mean.

      Anyway, this post is a resolution that needs to be followed asap. :)