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My Revlon Professional Philippines Make-over and Blogger Event 2011

This Semtember 2011, Revlon Professional Philippines opened its doors to bloggers and several media personnel for a first-hand experience of professional hair treatment and coloring done courtesy of Revlon Professional Philippines hair educators.

Three Revlon Professional treatments were available to choose from namely hair color and treatment; hair color and highlights and scalp treatment and haircut.

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Revlon Professional Hair Treatments
I personally wanted a hair color and treatment. However, Jay Saberola, my Revlon Professional hair educator that day, examined my hair and he recommended for me to get hair color and higlights instead.

Semi Permanent Hair Color Treatment at Revlon Professional Philippines
Not feeling too adventurous, I decided to stay on the safe side by choosing a chestnut hair color as the base and a lighter shade of brown for my highlights. The Revlon Professionals hair color I received that day is for a semi-permanent hair color which means that there is less peroxide content on the hair color solution used and that the hair color will last shorter too (about three months after getting your hair dyed).

Revlon Professional Hair Color: Chestnut
There are a few hair myths and facts I learned from my experience during the Revlon Professional Philippines Event:

  1. Gross as it may seem (for Filipinos at least), I did not wash my hair (like I normally do) before heading out to the Revlon Professionals Event. I was thinking that my hair will get shampooed anyways before my hair color and treatment and I didn’t want my hair washed thrice that day (counting before and after applying treatment). I know I picked up this hair tip somewhere but for the life of me I cannot remember where!
Revlon Professional Philippines Hair Educator
Anyway, what I remember is that hair should not be washed too much or too often in a day. Also shampoo, being a base (like soap), will strip the natural moisture of our hair together with the dirt and oil stuck in our hair. Hence, this is also the reason why we use a conditioner after shampooing our hair to replenish the hair’s moisture we lost (acting like hair’s lotion).

I mentioned this to my Revlon Professional Philippines hair educator and I was really surprised that he advised not to wash my hair before applying hair color. After checking my hair, Jay said that it was better for my hair to be protected with its natural moisture before treating it with hair color. At first I really felt uncomfortable hearing this but if you think about it not washing my hair before hair coloring kind of makes sense since my hair will be coated by oil before treating it which will protect it from damage and breakage. My apprehension stems from the fact that I wondered if the hair color will be absorbed by my hair if it was not shampooed first.
I let you, my readers, be the judge of my hair color result by commenting on my before and after picture. You can check my Revlon Professional Philippines before and after picture in my photo blog tomorrow featuring Denise Vina and Magic Liwanag as photographers.

Revlon Professional Hair Make-over thanks to Ms. Jasmin
  1. I also learned the difference between Revlon Professional semi-permanent hair color from a permanent color and how Revlon Professional Philippines differs from other hair coloring treatments available in the Philippine market. Revlon Professional Philippines hair color treatments uses a third generation nanotechnology formula which applies strict standards that are FDA approved while still ensuring richness in hair color.
  1. During my cover of the event, I was joined by two other female bloggers and Orange Magazine TV editor, Mr. Jeman Villanueva. Amazingly, all three female bloggers represented three different types of hair needs as well. Ms. Czaroma Roman of Serenity overload represented the low maintenance hair needs. On the other hand, Ms. Ria Tirazona of Fat Girl No More asked about what to do with frequently treated hair while I stayed in the middle of the group (literally and hypothetically).
As I have said I have the typical hair issues, the suggestions I received were mostly for maintenance. Currently, I have no strict requirements for my hair, no allergies (so far) and no damage. I was able to try out different kinds of hair treatments such as hair wax, hair spa, hot oil, hair keratin, hair rejuvenation, hair rebonding, hair color and even hair perming once. I shampoo my hair with conditioner and treat it to a once a week hair spa or hot oil at home and hair treatment once a month from a salon. I plan to get a hair color soon (a permanent one this time).

Revlon Professional Hair Color
I was advised by Revlon Professional Philippines and Signature Style CEO, Ms. Vicky Lim and COO Ms. Nicole to basically continue what I am doing. However, my take from the Revlon Professionals Philippines experience is to be more vigilant in reading the label and ingredients first before applying it to my hair. As there are numerous hair products in the market right now that promise fantastic results it pays to be an informed consumer. Are the hair treatment results based on the standards that will not result to damage or side effects on your hair in the future? You might be getting the hair color that you want but at the expense of the health of your hair follicles that will actually result to hair fall and thinning of your hair. Yikes! Even if how beautiful the hair color treatment promises to give, nobody will enjoy that if it also gives you bald spots. Right?

Jay Sarabelo, Revlon Professional Philippines Hair Educator
Health comes first. Just like what most experts’ advice us before getting any kind of treatment, “always consult your professionals first”.

This time, check out Revlon Professionals Philippines for your professional hair needs. J

Revlon Professional Philippines Technical Team with CEO Ms. Vicky Lim (in red)
Photos from Revlon Professional Philippines Facebook Fanpage
Revlon Treatment Information and Blogger Participants, Orange Magazine TV

Have you received any Revlon Professional treatment before or are you considering getting one at the moment, tell me about your experience or your thoughts by commenting below.


  1. i dont wash my hair too if im going to salon we had the same principle..ahaha

  2. Nice coverage dear! :) Which reminds me I need a hair makeover, I want to get some curls ;)

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  4. You are lucky to avail of the free hair treatment from Revlon. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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