Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Captain America is my utimate American hero!

All cartoon geeks out there who's been following the Captain America Marvel Comics series gets to see their ultimate American hero on screen. Just like Iron Man or the Avatar we are in the era where the technology behind computer-generated graphics can make what people can only imagine before.

Captain America for Marvel readers like me is one of the ideal heroes unlike Wolverine who was forced to become a hero or like Batman who had tragic reasons to wear the cape or Spiderman who accidentally got bitten by a radioactive spider, Captain America, on the other hand, chose to become America's hero. This is considering that Steve Rogers, Captain America's alter ego, started with a frail body.

And even if his physical activities were magnified (since ultimately Captain America is a super-enhanced human), his reason for becoming a hero did not change. He has as been true-blue (and red that is) extreme patriot of the star-spangled banner and that has never changed.

You might think why not Superman? He is more popular and cute right? But did you know that recently Superman has renounced his American citizenship. He is now is a global citizen while Captain America has been faithful to his country and people.

It is important to know where it all started from and hence, my favorite Captain America moment will be the first issue of the Marvel series which was released on March 1991.

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