Thursday, November 25, 2010

Win-Win Contest: Win Manila Ocean Park tickets for 4 different attractions!

I just received the tickets given to me by Manila Ocean Park for covering the Rave Event. My special thanks to the Marketing Team of Manila Ocean Park especially the nighttime marketing team Ms, Armi, Ms. Donna and Ms. Sue for all their support.

On that day, the invited bloggers were the lucky ones who got first glimpse of Hotel H2O’s Liquid Pool and Lounge. Since then, I have received tremendous blessings after giving this service which started with just an idea of promoting Manila’s tourism especially to help Manila bounce back from the Mendoza incident.

I am not saying we should just forget what happened that day. It will not be fair for the survivors and the victims as well. However, let’s move forward and do better next time. As I watched the Mendoza incident from the moment it was telecast live until it ended and even all throughout the hearings, I felt so sad that there was nothing I can do to help. So when opportunity arose to promote Manila’s tourism, I jumped at the chance right away. There was just this compelling desire to do something for all the tears shed that fateful night.

Coming from UP, I had this program that I have to fight for everything but after PSI I now know better. Now, I can say that it would be a lot easier to stand in front of the crowd and tell them to go with me on a rally compared to thinking of a win-win situation where everyone will benefit from the decision one will make. Some people might argue, oh but you know you can’t please everybody. On the other hand, this is not about pleasing everybody this is about doing what is right. One Filipino culture we are proud of is the idea of bayanihan. But at this time and age there are no bahay kubo’s to carry anymore. The burden is now to help the Philippines rise from the heavy corruption and crab mentality that creeps in a Filipino’s mind. This is the hunger Bo Sanchez was talking about; the attraction John Calub is advocating; the mindset Jomar Hilario repeatedly mentions; the agape Sonnie Santos and his team has been giving; the strategic thinking Cito Beltran is promoting and the service – Alvin Tabanag has been spreading.

I have so many mentors in my life and I have not mentioned everyone yet. But the ones mentioned were my inspiration to think that I am committed to do something bigger than myself. It’s time to look at the beauty of our own country, the talents, the gems who continuously stay here in our country to be of service to none other than the Filipino.

And that is what I love about Manila Ocean Park. It is Philippines one and only oceanarium so far. It advocates for a lot of many things that we take for granted. So today, I am inspired to organize this contest. Yes, this is my first ever contest and my pledge as well to help as many people become successful.

Here are the mechanics

  1. Like my site in facebook

  1. or Follow me in twitter @ia_adam_lim. And if your feeling generous follow me in both

  1. Follow me publicly in my blog

  1. Write a comment under this post answering in 300 words or less what makes Manila Ocean Park one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. Your answer should be based on a real-experience you’ve had while visiting Manila Ocean Park.

  1. There will be four winners for this contest.

  1. The fourth price will receive 3 tickets to the Jellies: Dancing Sea Fairies

  1. The third price will receive 3 tickets to Marine Life Show (Sea Lions)

  1. The second place will receive 3 tickets to the Maiden of the Sea (Lights and Fountain Show)

  1. The grand prize will receive 3 tickets to Manila Ocean Park oceanarium

  1. Only ONE entry per person will be accepted. A valid government-issued identification card will be asked for verification to identify the winner as a true-blue citizen of the Philippines.

  1. Claiming of prizes is valid upto 30 days after the winners have been announced. Otherwise the organizer of this contest will draw another winner from the pool of submitted entries.

  1. Contest runs from November 26 until December 25, 2010. Winners will be announced on December 26, 2010.

  1. Contest is open to all Filipino citizens around the Philippines. If the winner resides outside Metro Manila, he/she can assign a representative to pick up the tickets from me.

  1. The blogger has one last request. For those who will win the contest to give at least five pictures of their adventures and a short caption of their experience. This request will be in the discretion of the winners. (Just thought that you may want to announce to the world how happy you guys were after visiting Manila Ocean Park)


  1. As a former drone in the tourism industry, I believe UNIQUENESS is key in making a good tourist spot. That is, if something is only found in a particular place and if it’s good enough, it’s likely to be visited. The Philippines has quite a few - Boracay has its trademark white beaches and a range of quality resorts, Bohol has the Chocolate hills, and Batanes has its breathtaking landscape. And for years now, I believe Manila Ocean Park definitely attains that standard even if it is situated within the heart of the busiest area in the country.

    I’m an avid scuba diver and an aquarium geek so maybe I’m a little bit biased. But even with my vast experience with fishes, underwater creatures, and saltwater in my eyes, I found so many new and amazing things during my visit to Manila Ocean Park. I encountered the elusive garden eels and 3-foot porcupine fishes that I have never seen before. (Not even on my dives!) The majestic sharks and manta rays seem to be flying when they swim in the glass ceiling above you. And of course, the creative concept of having real women in mermaid costumes swimming in the tanks was amusing indeed.

    I could probably go on but that might make this entry of mine a spoiler no? During my next visit, I’m hoping to be able to see the other offerings of the park such as the Marine Life Show, Hotel H20 and the Musical Fountain. (Just in case I’m with kids!)

    Overall,Manila Ocean Park offers many things that only they can. Plus, they keep coming up with new things so there is always something novel to encounter. Especially if one lives in the NCR area, it’s a local experience unlike any other.

  2. What an amazing experience Fiel. Let's keep sharing the wonders of Manila's top tourism spots to everyone. Proud to be Pinoy!

  3. I went to the Ocean Park when it was still new and had a very long qeueing of peoples. I went there with my wife because we both love nature tripping and going to different places just for fun.

    Going to Ocean Park was never been a disappointment and the long wait was all worth it. We explore inside the Oceanarium and took a lot of pictures with the different types of fishes and sea creatures.

    We have touched the starfish and it felt like a very hard skinned with spikes all over it's back.
    I also captured a stingray over the back of my wife that look's like the stingray has put his back over the shoulder of my wife.

    It was a very relaxing experience especially when you are a nature lover in which both of us enjoy the most of the experience as well as the glimpse of those uncommon sea creatures that you won't see on your day to day living in the metro. ^^

    When my 5 month old son grow up, I will bring him there so he can experience in real life those sea creatures over the book so he will know how to respect the living creatures in the water.

  4. I already followed you on Facebook, Twiiter and to this blog. :)

    This is the best that you could find in the entire country that showcases the beauty of the ocean. So if you want to see marine life in an artificial setting this is your best bet.

    Children would enjoy much seeing various creatures that they only see on television.

    I recommend going there on weekdays to avoid the crowd. There are plenty of fastfood restaurants. There's also fine dining with an awesome view of Manila Bay.

    This oceanarium is modern, interesting, educational, and fun. Plus, the animals seem to be well housed, fed, and cared for. There is plenty of staff members around to ask questions.

  5. What I've found to be a particularly interesting and tourist-worthy characteristic of Manila Ocean Park is the fact that it brings together a lot of the best things about the Philippines. Be it our diverse marine life, the famous Manila sunset or once-in-a-blue moon experiences like having the soles of your feet (lightly) nibbled on by small fish, Manila Ocean Park has it all. What’s more, though I visited this place a few months ago with my boyfriend, this marine park is family-friendly, too, so children are very much welcome to enjoy and learn more about marine life.

  6. I've only been to Manila Ocean Park once. But that one experience says it all. The place is really full of marine life and for someone like me, who doesn't know how to swim thus preventing me from scuba diving or snorkelling or what have you, was able to enjoy and see for myself how sea creatures look like and live underwater.

    when I was in the US, I was able to visit Underwater Adventures in the Mall of America. I could say our very own Manila Ocean park can give the Underwater Adventures a run for their money. Two thumbs up when it comes to the facilities. The management responsible for the beautification of the place has done a marvelous job of impressing everyone who visits. Then of course, the various sea creatures you can see here are extraordinary. Who would think that they could put in together all these wonderful creatures in the heart of Manila. After all, we're used to spending a couple of bucks in exploring the philippines tourist spots. But for less cost, we could already experience life underwater.

    When my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I went there a few months ago, I vowed that I would come back and I would make sure to bring along my nieces and nephew to enjoy the place and be educated at the same time. Now that I have my own son as well, I will make sure that when he grows up, he will be well aware that there is a place here in Manila where one can learn and see the beauty of the ocean. we will go back there and bask on the adventures that the place imparts on each and every visitor it has.

  7. @ Tonski - We hope to see your stingray picture.

    @ jl - I love visiting Manila Ocean Park on weekdays too especially in the morning.

    @ Mai - Another wonderful experience with your boyfriend is the hot bed therapy at Zenyu Ecospa. Just mention my name in your next visit to get a free trial. You can also pm me for the details of your visit so we can help you set an appoinment.

    @ Edsie - sounds you have a wonderful family. I'm sure your family will enjoy the new attractions at Manila Ocean Park

    To everyone: Good luck!!!

  8. I too believe that the Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and Manila Ocean Park is one of them.

    The way I see it is I would definitely would like to have had one of these when I was a kid.
    The variety of marine life you could see in Manila Ocean Park is simply amazing. Kids need to be interested in these things. As the Nat Geo slogan goes "Live Curious"

    ....because it is only when you live curious that learning begins to be fun. And it does need to be fun.

    I only wish that Manila Ocean Park could lower their prices a bit so that it can be more accessible to a lot more people.

  9. Write a comment under this post answering in 300 words or less what makes Manila Ocean Park one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. Your answer should be based on a real-experience you’ve had while visiting Manila Ocean Park.

    It is one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines because it is a world class attraction feeling the marine life as if you are under the sea, Experience to see different kind of fishes is one of the best way to know that they exist. Ive been there last week but only visited the oceanarium because there are too many students conducting their field trips, I hope by winning this contest I can experience again the marine life for the second time

  10. We recently had our Xmas Party at Manila Ocean Park, and we were able to watch the Light Show! I felt I were in Singapore watching the Songs of the Sea! I was so impressed with such production that Ocean Park raised the level of tourism and entertainment in the country. What is more impressive is when the lights, sounds, and water suddenly flashed our company's logo! That's more than entertainment but personalized service!

  11. followed you through twitter and Google Connect!

    We recently had our Xmas Party at Manila Ocean Park, and we were able to watch the Light Show! I felt I were in Singapore watching the Songs of the Sea! I was so impressed with such production that Ocean Park raised the level of tourism and entertainment in the country. What is more impressive is when the lights, sounds, and water suddenly flashed our company's logo! That's more than entertainment but personalized service!

  12. I am disqualified. Why? Nil experience at MOP

  13. @ Princess Yingying - your wish is heard. The Musical and Fountain Show attraction originally costs P300 but for the holiday season, the promo rate is P99. Please see Manila Ocean Park's website for more details.
    @ Prince_18 - Good luck!
    @ Ruth - yes that's truly a wonderful surprise to see your company promoted that way.
    @ Rolly - You can experience the beauty of Manila Ocean Park anytime. Just a trivia: They have never closed the facility even for holiday since it first opened its doors to the public. :) Hope to see you soon.

    To everyone: These are great comments. Keep it coming!

  14. Hi! Following you in FB, Twitter and this Blog :)

    What makes Manila Ocean Park one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines?

    MOP is a family destination, world-class in facilities and attractions. I remember the last time we visited (as part of an office activity), my family and I spent long hours viewing all the marine life on display. I especially like the Oceanarium, 'felt like swimming with the fish...
    Visiting again will be surely be a treat (hopefully a birthday treat) this Christmas Season!
    Happy holidays and warm regards.

  15. I went to MOP Oct. 25, 2010 (my birthday) and until now, the memory feels like it happened just weeks ago. We got the promo deal of Php500.00 and the thing that made me so proud with our own Ocean Park is the oceanarium. It doesn't feel like being in Philippines at all. These things are usually abroad but it's here with us. Most of all, the thing that me and my family had a great time is the musical fountain show. Our jaw almost dropped. We left the place late at night. Despite how tired we were, we couldn't just stop talking about it. Next day came, MOP is still the topic of everyone on the breakfast table and small talks in the house.

    I guess the answer is that, the experience one can have inside Manila Ocean Park makes it one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines.

    Kudos to our mother land :-)

  16. hello, when will you announce po the winners? thanks. :)

  17. To everyone:

    Happy Holidays! My family enjoyed a week-long holiday in a place where Internet connection cannot be established. Hence, the reason for the delay of the announcement. Still, I hope everyone still has their holiday cheers in them... as I announce the winners for this contest:

    First Prize: Damien Docejo
    Second Prize: Edsie
    Third Prize: Ruth
    Fourth Prize: Tonski

    Please send us your contact details (e-mail, mobile number, telephone number) at

    You may start claiming your tickets at Manila Ocean Park starting January 3, 2010. Directions for claiming tickets will be sent to you personally via e-mail.

    Congratulations everyone! Happy New Year.

  18. WOW!! thanks iamadamlim!! what a way to start the year!! super like!!

    I already sent my contact details to your email.

  19. Thank you dear! I have sent my details :)