Monday, November 22, 2010

Discover the Wonders of Singing: A Vocal Seminar Workshop by Rona Culata-De Leon

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Give yourself a wonderful gift this Christmas season. As part of service and agape, Coach Rona (as her students call her), will offer a special vocal coaching class for those who would like to learn how to sing like a professional. This one of a kind voice seminar workshop is aptly entitled "Discover the Wonders of Singing".

Now its not too late for you to learn to sing if that's what you are thinking. It does not even matter what age you are. As one Buddhist proverb says, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

So who is Coach Rona?
Coach Rona started singing at a very early age. Coach Rona underwent rigorous voice trainings from reputable voice training centers. Coach Rona was eventually invited as a vocal coach to train incoming talents for the Center for Pop Music Center Philippines when she was only 16 years old. Coach Rona started her professional singing career at that sweet age also where she did several recording stints such as covers, jingles and movie theme songs. Coach Rona then went on to sing solo in posh hotel lounges and bars. Coach Rona eventually became a band lead vocalist. She has been a vocal coach for 14 years now and is currently a vocal coach for an entertainment management company that grooms upcoming recording artists, performers and singers.

Through her continuous study, Coach Rona discovered a technology that would enable one to discover the maximum potential of the singing voice, a technology that would make singing as easy as speaking!

To learn more how Coach Rona can help you become a professional singer, she will be holding a Vocal Seminar Workshop entitled "Discover the Wonders of Singing" this December 2010 for a limited number of students only. To continue with the spirit of service and agape, Coach Rona is also offering this prestigious Discover the Wonders of Singing Vocal Seminar Workshop at a very affordable price.

So are you ready, to sing like a Pro?

You don't have to break cold sweats anymore when they ask you to sing in front of a crowd? You can even volunteer to give a song number during company gatherings and events. Give that performance you have always dreamt of!

Learn the secrets of great singers in a Vocal Seminar-Workshop entitled: “Discover the Wonders of Singing

Discover the Wonders of Singing: Voice Seminar Workshop
Date: December 11, 2010 (tentative)
Time: 4-6pm
Venue: Soliman Building, Chino Roces St, Makati City.

Workshop Fee: Php 500.00 only. Yes its true! Not five thousand or fifty thousand but five hundred pesos only. Amazingly affordable in the name of service for fellow Filipinos.

Discover the Wonders of Singing: VOICE SEMINAR-WORKSHOP OUTLINE

Discover the Wonders of Singing
PART 1: Techniques of Singing
1. What is Singing?
2. Correct Breathing Technique
3. The Vocal Cords
4. Resonators
5. How do we produce tone? What’s the mechanism for singing?
a. Respirators
b. Vibrator
c. Resonator
6. Vocal Registers and vocal cord coordinations
7. Vocal Health
8. 3-way process to learning how to sing
9. Recommended Vocal Warm Ups
10. Top 3 Vocal Exercises that would:
a. facilitate an even, consistent sound
b. extend your range
c. improve your vocal registers
d. make singing as easy as speaking!!
11. How to develop power in your voice
12. How to balance tone production
13. How to develop vibrato

Discover the Wonders of Singing
PART 2: Stage Performance
a. Stance
b. Proper way to hold a microphone
c. Focal point
d. Blocking
e. Attitude
f. Lyrical interpretation

For more inquries about the Discover the Wonders of Singing Vocal Seminar Workshop, you may contact Coach Rona:

cell phone: 0916-6956813


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