Monday, November 15, 2010

Trip or Treats: Goodie Giveaway #8: Cebu Pasalubong Gift Hat!

I read a blog from Trip or Treats Goodie Giveaway #8: Cebu Pasalubong Gift Hat! which inspired me to write this blog. The blogger who made the post is giving away goodies from her Cebu travel. After reading the post, I remember how great was my Cebu travel last Christmas 2009. So I decided to post here my precious Cebu travel pictures which I will be adding comments regarding consumerism. The blog post I mentioned having a contest right now is from Check out her blog as the contest ends on November 20, 2010.

For family fun, the best activity we did as a group is to take the Skytour at Crown Regency Cebu. Each of us paid P888 to enjoy the skywalk, edge coaster, 4D movie and a buffet dinner. As a family, we thought it was a really great deal. I think the only downside of the tour is that photo opportunities is monopolized by the service provider thus we were surpised to find out that pictures cost thousands of pesos for each sky treat. Take note each sky treat has a different rate for pictures. And so if you want to remember your adventure you have no choice but to pay for the bloated price for the pictures. Unless of course, you know how to haggle with the hotel staff. wink wink. Still, in terms of experience and bonding moments this is really a great thing to do in Cebu. As for the 4D movie and the buffet, I can say that it was mediocre. It was not bad but it was not amazing as well.

To go to city tour in Cebu, we decided to rent a cab for the day! Don't try to fit everything in your itinerary in one day or you'll end up really exhausted. When we went to Cebu, I was surprised that traffic can be compared to Manila traffic at times. Not the heavy kind but it was still traffic. But the best thing is that you can go to several historical sites in half a day or if you really want to finish it in one day I guess you can do that as well. So we went to Fort San Pedro, Casa Gorordo, Guitar factories, Lapu-Lapu-Magellan Sutukil, Magellan's Cross, Basilica de Sto. Nino, and many more. We paid about P2000 for renting the cab for a day or P200 per hour. We were told it was expensive but the experience and convenience was worth it.

I many not be able to give you a chance to get a Cebu travel package but if you want to get a taste of these Cebu delicacies, check out to join the contest from Trips or Treats:

Trip or Treats: Goodie Giveaway #8: Cebu Pasalubong Gift Hat!

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