Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Judy Ann Santos Thinks About Champion Fabri-Con

This blog entry is a product announcement for Champion Detergent in to mark the 50th year anniversary celebration of this laundry products company

As you all know Champion Detergent released its latest product called,CHAMPION FABRI-CON, Liquid Fabric Conditioner with Freshness Capsules yesterday. 


This fabric conditioner promises a time-released fragrance for all-day freshness thanks to its innovation called freshness capsules. This is the first time I've heard of freshness capsules, let alone, a time-released fabric fragrance. 

Naturally, I wondered, "What are freshness capsules?"

According to Champion, they are micro-capsules that are embedded on the fabric after using Champion Fabri-con. 

This latest offering from Champion is being represented by its latest celebrity endorser, Ms. Judy Ann Santos. Ms. Santos was quoted saying, “When we talk about Champion, it’s all about high quality. It’s about top-of-the-line ingredients, which is also true for this new product with its quality fragrance oils that release a fresh, airy fragrance throughout the day. And that’s what I love about it."

I use it everywhere, and I always get wonderful end-results. Aside from softening, it also leaves this powdery fresh scent in all my fabrics – whether it’s home linens like blankets and curtains, or the clothes of my loved ones. That’s the power of Champion Fabri-Con. It makes you feel right at home,” she continues.

Champion Fabri-Con Bottle
Champion Detergent Fabri-Con with Freshness Capsules

Champion detergent also came with laundry product variants called Champion Infinity Fabri-con -- with a 1-Rinse Formula to hasten the rinsing process, as well as Anti-Bacterial ingredients that stop the growth of malodor-causing bacteria on clothes. As such, it offers two benefits that the target market deem important for the category -- savings on water and effort with its 1-Rinse formula, and assured fresh-smelling clothes with its Anti-Bacterial feature, even when fabrics are dried indoors or during rainy weather.

Do you share Ms. Judy Ann's experience with Champion Fabri-con? How about sharing with us your thoughts about this laundry product below.   

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