Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Search for My Sole Mate

Once upon a time, there was a nice young woman who went on a sole-searching expedition. Her personality is just like her name. Her needs are the same - simple but unique.

In her quest for the one and only sole, she received news that one of the royal footwear in town will be holding a majestic ball. This grand visual treat will be attended by a wide-array of colourful soles. Then it dawned on her… The promise of that one special sole… Will she find the one that will captivate her attention? This was too great of a chance to just let it pass by.

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Yet, she hesitated to go. Why? Too many soles broke her delicate feet. Every time that happens, each step was a reminder of the bruises and blisters of this sole experience.

Will she go? Well, she was not sure herself. In her mind she asks: “Will it fit her needs? Will it complement my style? Will it be the perfect match to her beloved tootsies? She was aware that every moment of hesitation is a moment gone. The clock is ticking, people rushed in their busy lives and yet she stayed in one corner stuck on her feet.

Finally, a knight in shining armor riding a brown (disclaimer: the adjective brown here is used to describe some shade I am not 100% sure on how to name it but for the purpose of simplifying this task “brown” will be used to describe this shade), anyway where was I? Oh yeah, the knight with a “brown” carriage urged her to ride with him and bring her to this grand event. She was literally “swept off her feet”. For a moment our heroine felt safe. If only she knew that there were more challenges ahead of her.

Apparently, the carriage can’t bring her all the way to the grand ball because the knight had to pick up the Prince from school. So she dropped our heroine to the nearest public transportation that will surely bring her to the event. He told her to be brave and to take care.


Then, another hurdle arises. Everyone seems to have heard as well of the royal invitation and appears to be going in the same direction as our heroine. The royal train that will bring her to the event is filled with people lined up all the way from Aparri to Jolo.

She looks at her beloved tootsies and worries “Are you alright? Can you hold on to your position for might be hours until we reach our destination?” She felt a tingling sensation on her feet which she interpreted as a sign of excitement (it can also be lactic acid from standing for more than an hour while being pushed by a crowd but I prefer the former scenario). And so our heroine persevered and made a temporary alliance with the chambermaids in her station to survive this ordeal.

At last, she got in the royal train and was moments away from her destination.

However, her resolve had to meet one final test.  A scary four-eyed green nasty ogre wanted to snatch our lady-love away from the grand event. She was pushed, shoved and hurt. There were footmen available so she hailed to them but they did not pay attention to her. Surprisingly, it was her sisters in blood who cheered for her to move on. Their encouragement was like a soothing balm to her aching heart. She picks up her footing and took every step with courage. She told herself “For my sole mate, I must move on.”


So close yet so far, she asks herself, “Will I finally meet the one?”

Just like Cinderella, she was only able to see the finale of the grand visual treat. Yet in the end, it was nothing less than what she expected.
Ipanema Invite August 13 2013 Tuesday
Ipanema Soul Search

And so our heroine and her sole-mate lived happily ever after...

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