Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where is Banawe, Quezon Avenue? Near Ma Mon Luk Quezon Avenue

The good thing about Ma Mon Luk is that it never changed. I’ve eaten here a long time ago and going back I notived that as if nothing has changed. The same smell, the same aura, the same feeling. Maybe the face of the people around me is different but there is something familiar about being at Ma Mon Luk as if I went back to the past and never left. The beef mami tastes the same. The chicken ala Ma Mon Luk taste, well still the same.

Ma Mon Luk  Quezon Avenue  beef Mami and Yang Chow Fried Rice

Chicken ala Ma Mon Luk Quezon Avenue

There are some things in life you just want to stay the same. Why? Because when you want to feel grounded and you want to re-live the moment you’re used to you can somehow be assured that the things you expect to be there will still be there. And that is Ma Mon Luk for me.

Ma Mon Luk  Quezon Avenue  waiter

Ma Mon Luk is one of those classic restaurants here in the Philippines. It can already be an institution on its own. Starting with its history of “gupit” noodles in the 1920’s, (“Gupit” which means “cut” in English because the peddler of Ma Mon Luk Mami will cut the noodles it serves per bowl of serving) Ma Mon Luk was first offered by its owners in push carts in Quiapo. The Ma Mon Luk restaurant at Quezon Avenue started in the 1960’s and now with almost half a century of history and continued service, you can say that Ma Mon Luk is a well established landmark of its own.
Ma Mon Luk  Quezon Avenue  siopao
When people ask me where is Banawe, Quezon Ave, you can actually say “Yung malapit sa Ma Mon Luk” and they respond “Ah oo alam ko na yun. Nakakain na kami doon.”. Instantly, you have a shared experience. “Good so alam mo na ha.” “Yeah alam ko na. Daan nga ako para bumili ng siopao mamaya.” Then you start a conversation. You remember the different family events you had at Ma Mon Luk - birthdays, christenings, Chinese new years, even sad ones like funerals and lots more – all for the love of mami and siopao.

Ma Mon Luk  Quezon Avenue  siopao container

Going to Ma Mon Luk gives you that feeling of reference. This is how a good mami should at least taste like. Eating at Ma Mon Luk also gives you that feeling of stability. When you say Ma Mon Luk to the driver they can at least pinpoint you how far you are from Banawe, Quezon Avenue. Lastly, Ma Mon Luk gives you the feeling of being at home. Guests can talk loud, eat with their hands, heck even raise their foot while sitting and nobody judges.

Ma Mon Luk  Quezon Avenue beef mami

Because Ma Mon Luk is not just a restaurant, it’s a place where you can touch base when you want to be reminded of things you were used to ever since you were young. So drop by and give them a call. :)

Ma Mon Luk Quezon Avenue

Have you been to Ma Mon Luk Quezon Avenue branch? If yes, tell us what you think about the restaurant. We hope to hear from you. :)


  1. I agree, i also love ma mon luk...we always visit their recto branch.

    1. Never been to the recto branch but hopefully one day I can check it out. :)

  2. I think I'll try this one out. meron pala sa Recto?! mas okay! :)
    thanks for sharing <3