Saturday, October 15, 2011

Passion for Rugby and Soccer Transpires Any Language

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While tutoring English online, I discovered that several of my male students like talking about soccer and rugby during our free conversation time. For me this can pose a challenge because I am not naturally a sports fan. Yet, even though it may not come naturally to me I still find these two sports very interesting especially after reading the news about the 2011 World Cup Soccer and 2011 Rugby World Cup. Thus, I end up contributing something about the subject even if it was just by asking questions.

Since most of my students work on student allowances only, the usual questions they ask me is “how much is the ticket to attend the World Cup Soccer and the Rugby World Cup if they were to convert it to their country’s currency?” At this point, I actually encourage my students to play along and pretend that we were actually planning to attend next year’s World Cup Series.

Naturally, the next thing my students look for is memorabilia from their favorite soccer and rugby teams. Currently, my research has brought me to sites where you can avail of promotional coupons and discount vouchers for soccer and rugby gears.
For these kids owning a jersey or two of their team allows them to be part of the momentous events with their soccer and rugby idols. It also does not hurt that they can get these rare items using these promotional coupons or a slash from the original price using the discount vouchers.
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Finally, we end our virtual journey of our soccer or rugby conversation with a video clip of their favorite game. The conversation usually ends with our soccer and rugby aficionado pouring their heart out trying to explain the game to me while practising their English. I guess, the male’s love for sports is expressed no matter what language a person speaks.

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