Monday, August 1, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger (Movie Review in the Philippines)

I was able to watch the Captain America: The First Avenger in big screen during the blocked screening of Captain America at the Mall of Asia last Friday July 29, 2011 courtesy of and

Before the movie started, the guests of the screening were entertained by different cosplayers with their colorful costumes and animated poses. Since the invitees were priveleged to bring guests, I brought a friend of mine who in turn brought her two-year old child. Children and adults alike enjoyed the cosplayers especially the ones who were dressed as Captain America.

As for the movie, it started almost on time which is good compared to other exclusive premiers or screenings I have been attending so far.

I would like to give my ratings for Captain America: the First Avenger movie using three criteria namely: length of movie; plot and actors.

The movie runs for 2 hours which I think is just enough time to cover the story. It was not too long for me nor was it too short. The movie was able to cover the important parts of how Steve Rogers became the "Captain America" and his first nemesis, the Red Skull.

As for the plot, I find the screenplay honestly close to the comics which is good because it showed respect for the humble beginnings of this all American hero. I really like the script and the message it implies. From the movie, audience will appreciate that strength and brute may force people to do one's bidding but character is still the best when it comes to making impressionable change.

As for the characters of the story, I had my apprehension when Chris Evans was cast as Captain America since he came out already as Johnny Storm or as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie. That now changed because I think this is one of his movies where he will be remembered especially when The Avengers movie comes out next year. My husband and I were talking and he said that the Captain America movie is comparable to the first Iron Man movie which made fans want to have a sequel. I also liked Tommy Lee Jones playing Colonel Chester Phillips. He gave the character a sarcastic but funny impression of a an army man who wants to win a war but at the same time in tuned with the reality of the resources he only has. I remember the part when Captain America asked if Colonel Phillips has a plan for rescuing the POW's and he said "Yes, and its called winning the war". Colonel Chester Phillips was trying not to be pessimistic but at the same time he was brutally blunt and frank of the situation the troops were currently in. And who could forget Colonel Chester Phillips' response when Captain America received his goodbye kiss from the beautiful Peggy Carter while trying to catch Red Skull's plane. Everyone gave a short chuckle with his comment "I'm not kissing you.". That remark made the ultimate cliche "one last kiss scene" not so cliche anymore.

Ultimately, I think the movie was well-cast and I wouldn't want to change anything else. Even the kids in the movie house watching with us seem to be really enjoying the movie because you can hear them react to some of the scenes with laughter and gasps.

Below is the review my friend made. She is not a professional movie reviewer but she is definitely a consumer and this is what she has to say about her experience:

Great movie! It has exceeded my expectations. The visuals are very exciting and full of surprises. I have been waiting for this Captain America movie for a while now... With two Ironman movies already done and this Captain America I have just watched, I think I missed on the Thor movie. Which I have not seen yet...

The actors did a remarkable performance with substance for their characters esp Chris Evans. It was amazing how they made Chris Evans look so small... Then he felt 'taller'... The evaporating (if I may call it) people getting hit by the secret weapon would realistically be impossible - is it...? But I guess with the Red Skull and Howard Stark, we never know. At least, I now know when to use FONDUE in a sentence... haha!

I wish movie-goers would realize that if your in the theater, you do not use your mobile phone... I can see additional lighting from the mobile phone of the front row. Should I have tossed popcorn (or stones) at them? hmmm...! There were also other mumbling behind us... Oh well...

With a historic background starting from the beginning, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Until the story progresses into the action figure, and a true American hero. With a touch of laughter here and there!

Stay after the credits to see the trailer of the upcoming Avengers movie! I may say I'm really excited and I'm looking forward to the sequel next summer!

Again thank you so much to the organizers of the Captain America: The First Avengers Block Screening and more power to you.

Till the next post...

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