Saturday, March 1, 2014

#Nuffnangis007 and I Am Ready to Party!!!

I ended the month of love this year 2014 partying with blogger friends at Cabana Club, Resorts World. The party was hosted and organized by Nuffnang Philippines because this year #Nuffnangis007. The theme for the party is black and white dress for the ladies and suit for the men. I literally found a dress an hour before the party started and I was running late to meet my blog partner for Financial Literacy Philippines, Glads Reyes.

I'm not really sure what to expect. It's been such a long time since I went to a party for adults in a bar. That's why I was really relieved when we finally arrived at the club.

From left to right: Jessica, Iris, Alice, Kamila, Glad, Corinne, Ia & Jeremy
(not in picture: Ping & Cezar)

It's my first time at Cabana Club. The place looks cozy enough to chill in one corner of the sofa with your buddies. Apparently, sharing a couch can also be a great way to meet new friends. We started as a duo and because we shared the couch our group became a quintet. As soon as I spotted some familiar faces, our group became bigger. You can't see everyone in the picture because we had to take turns taking picture. Also the couch is not big to fit everyone. The mood in the club was friendly and accommodating. Everyone was open to network and learn about what other people are blogging. The night passed by so fast that I was even surprised myself that the party is coming to its end.

The best way to come home is to come home a winner. In our group, the lucky girl to bring home a new pair of JBL headphones is no other than my good friend, Glad. Just like her name, she was very glad that she made it to the party despite her very long day that day.

I'm planning to stick around in blogging longer so that I can attend the next Nuffnang Birthday Bash. :)

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