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Chiller/Freezers - Do I Need Them in My Home?

I was in a used bookstore one day and I chanced upon an interesting book. The title of the book was "365 Ways To Save". As a consumer and one of the primary decision-makers in making purchases, naturally I was intrigued by this book. Browsing through the pages, I felt disappointed that most tips apply in the USA only. On the other hand, I was still tempted to buy the book just to note how long would it take for these money saving tips to happen here in the Philippines. Also, how many of these tips are already implemented currently.

Further investigation made me realize that most of the tips require some law to mandate it and since the Senate election is fast approaching, I may be able to use this information in choosing which senator to vote for.

One of the money-saving categories included in the book is about "saving for basic necessities" like electricity. I was surprised to see that the book suggests for households to invest in a good chiller or freezer aside from your refrigerator. 

If people window-shop for clothes, I window-shop for home furniture and appliance. This is simply because that is my family's current need at the moment. Bringing this tip with me in my recent trips to nearby malls, I looked at freezers and chillers. It was then I realized that there is a difference between the two.

Fujidenzo freezers chillers Iaadamlim
What is the difference between a chiller and a freezer?

A chiller is an appliance that will chill your food at a certain temperature but not enough to freeze it solid. That's why I think a chiller/freezer is more convenient because you have the freedom to choose whether to keep your food just chilled or frozen. As a homemaker, we usually keep most of our food chilled in the refrigerator and put our meat inside the freezer. A chiller/freezer allows us to store more food for a longer period of time. According to the Free Commercial Refrigeration Information, if you use it as a freezer then you can preserve your food longer because you will eventually stop the growth of bacteria and even destroy it. Also, when items are frozen the size of your food becomes more compact and smaller allowing you to store more items in the freezer. However, if you use it as a chiller, then food like liquids can be preserved for a longer time without turning it to ice.

Currently, one of the freezers I am eyeing is Fujidenzo. Why Fujidenzo? Well, I've listed some of its characteristics that attract me to buy this brand namely:

1. Dual-Function (can be used as a freezer or as chiller)
2. Durable design
3. Trusted brand by major businesses like ARCE, Bounty Fresh and King Sue
4. 100 service centers nationwide
5. 2 years warranty on parts
6. 5 years warranty on compressor
7. Available in the different models and capacities:

A. Solid top Chest Freezer   
When you say chest freezer, this appliance typically looks like a chest except that it is white. If you need a separate chiller/freezer but has limited space in your home (like me) then the first two Chest Freezer/Chiller will be ideal for you.

a. Fujidenzo FC-04 ADF and FC-06 ADF    

Basically these two Chest Freezer/Chiller differ in capacity as one is 4 cu.ft while the other is 6 cu.ft.

How are they the same?
Both are dual function which means it serves as a freezer and chiller at the same time. Also, both have: 
1. 8-Level-Frontal Temperature Control, 
2. Frontal Drain
3. Aluminum Inner Lining
4. Grip Handle
5. Key Lock
6. Single Wire Basket
7. Roller Feet (which is for me important so you can easily clean the bottom of the freezer)

If you are looking for slightly bigger freezer, then Fujidenzo has FC-08 ADF and FC-13 ADF.
fc-13adf_1 Just like the first two above, the difference between the two is size - 8 cu.ft and 13 cu.ft.

For these two models, they also have a 2 in 1 Function – Freezer or Chiller. They also have additional features such as:
1. Fast freezing mode
2. Clean Back Design
3. Frontal Temperature Control
4. Side Drain
5. Aluminum Inner Lining
6. Grip Handle
7. Key Lock
8. Single Wire Basket
9. Roller Feet

For solid door covers, two of the biggest Chest Freezer/Chiller Fujidenzo have to offer are the FC-18 ADF and the FC-22 ADF. Like the above models, their main difference is size. The former is 18 cu.ft. while the latter is a 22 cu.ft. These Chest Freezer/Chiller have almost the same features as the two I have listed above but with the following additions:

1. Two Grip Handles
2. Two Wire Baskets

Also, the drain is located in front instead of the side. 

It is important to note that for similar models, they usually share the same manual. For example, the manual for Fujidenzo FC-18 ADF and FC-22 ADF are the same. The good thing is you can find a pdf version of the manual online which makes it easier for you to refer to if you need to clean or maintain your home appliance.
B. Glass top Chest Freezer    
Like I said above, my interest in buying a freezer is to save money. One of the tips in saving electricity is to avoid opening the freezer unless it is necessary. That for me is the advantage of a glass top chest freezer. However, currently I did not find a size that is small enough as the one offered in the solid top kind. Still, I listed the specifications here for my reference. So far, I have found three glass top chest freezers for my interest. 

Fujidenzo Chest Freezer/Chiller FD-11 ADF, FD-18 ADF and FD-22 ADF. The smallest comes at 11 cu.ft. followed by 18 cu.ft. and lastly, 22 cu.ft. All three have dual function (chiller/freezer) and a Sliding Glass Top which makes it easier to see the contents if you are minimizing the unnecessary opening and closing of your freezer door. In addition, it also has:

1. Fast freezing mode
2. With Key lock
3. Roller feet
4. Frontal Temperature control
5. With Wire Baskets

To check out the different refrigerators, freezers and chillers offered by Fujidenzo, you can also find them at Exatech. What I like about this home appliance web site is that you can readily see the prices of different Fujidenzo appliances and download its corresponding manual. If you subscribe to Exatech's mailing list, you can receive newsletters of their upcoming promos on different appliances.

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