Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner (Product Review)

Alright, New Year means new resolutions. I cannot say that I have been regularly posting in this blog but I promised to change that this year. The post below is a review of a new product I tried. It is not a sponsored post but I will have to admit that I didn't pay for them. I got these samples when I attended the recently concluded "Foodgasm - Take A Second Bite" at Mercato Centrale last March 2013.

Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner

What is my experience with Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner?

Alright what you see below shows the photo of uncooked rice and cooked rice. This pot has the Knorr Rice Mate Rice conditioner. It is not very visible in the photo but upclose there are white particles floating on the water. I assumed that this was undissolved Rice Mate powder since these particles are absent when I cook rice without Rice Mate.

Aroma: Even before the rice starts cooking, the aroma of pandan is very evident. While the rice cooks, you will notice this aroma spreading. I think if you are creating the effect of making people hungry or hungrier for rice then you can entice them with fresh cooking rice.

Flavor: Based from three out of three people who tasted the rice I cooked with Knorr's Rice Mate, they said that they don't recognize any difference in taste.

Texture: In terms of the feel of the rice inside your mouth, there is also no noticeable difference to report.

Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner Iaadamlim

Just for comparison, below is a photo of uncooked and cooked rice without the Knorr Rice Mate Rice conditioner.

Cooking Rice Iaadamlim

All in all, I can say in terms of aroma this rice conditioner delivers to its promise. However, as for taste and texture, I cannot say I am convinced that it improves cooked rice. On the other hand, it claims that Knorr Rice Mate is fortified with Vitamin A and Iodine which are important for our growth and nourishment. So far, I cannot comment on the price because I have not seen it in the supermarket. Once I see it, I will update this post.

Addendum: In light of the comment below, I feel that the ingredients of Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner should be shared here as well.

Here they are:
Jasmin Rice Flour
Iodized Salt
Artificial Pandan Flavor
Palm oil
Natural flavor
Nutrient Premix (Vitamin A Acetate, Potassium Iodide, Maltodextrin)

Hope this product review was helpful to you. If you feel like sharing your experience about Knorr Rice Mate Rice Conditioner, feel free to comment below.

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  1. We often saw these in the groceries, but we ignore them :) Coz I believe, it's still best to use the natural version. Having 2 generations of women having breast-cancer, we tend to divert to cooking with so much less culprit. I may be paranoid or not, but I won't be using it. And sometimes I end up nagging folks in the house when I saw empty packs of (ginisa) mix :)

    It's good to hear your review, although as they claim it's fortified with vitamins, there are preservatives in it. So guys, it's for you to decide what's best for the family. :)

    1. Oh you do make things challenging for me dear Daryll. Fine, fine I will research on the ingredients of this Knorr Rice Mate and check for preservatives.

      All for the love of you.

  2. I think this cost 3 pesos per pack - a little expensive (if you ask me).

    1. Huwaaat! Hmmmm. I was thinking it could be a good way to add Vitamin A and Iodine to rice but I don't think most people will pay P3 for that especially if you are buying NFA rice.

      I will use this though if I have guests just to ask them if they notice anything different with the rice. I tried this one because it said in the label rice will be sticky and softer but we didn't really notice that. It smells really good though.

    2. sana ibalik na ang Knorr rice mate conditioner because these days,it was already pull out from all the groceries and supermarkets and dry market.Nevertheless,i've read the ingredients from this blog so I am happy again.

    3. sana ibalik ang knorr ricemate because it is already pull out from all the supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.