Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Time Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market Visitors (What To Expect): A Review

After our Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga at Shui Hilot Healing spa, we searched for a new spot we can have breakfast. Upon the recommendation of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga instructor Toinette Villajin we started our adventure for the nearest Sunday market. Our feet brought us to Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market.

When we entered, the first thing we saw were different organic soaps, scents and candles. Feeling pretty famished after the yoga, we left the dry goods section and scoured the food section. I was actually happy to see several choices. On the other hand compared to the Sunday market at the Lung Center, the prices at Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market is relatively high. For example, a dried fish packed meal (consisting of tuyo, atchara, egg and rice) is alreaady P100 while compared at the Lung Center Sunday Market that is just half of the price and maybe lower plus bigger serving.

On the other hand, the Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market, being located at Makati amidst posh buildings and structures, you can be assured that the target market can afford the price.

What I like about Sunday markets are the free tastes. For me its a great motivating factor to buy a product if I can try it first. After trying and truly enjoying the experience then that's the time I can really say that it was a "good buy". Also it helps if the seller will give a discount for bulk items or even for retail (which makes it is really a good deal).

Anyway, just an observation, for stores where store owners are present usually the staff or the entire team is nice and accommodating. However, there are stalls where some staff whose mood is more sour vinegar and whose face is as tangled as the octopus they sell.

However, we decided that no matter what happens, we will have a good day that morning and so we just sat back, ate and shared our breakfast and listened to live ethnic music being played. My companions and I commented that only the sand is missing and it can be already a sunny day lounging at the beach.

For me the two best buys I made at Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market is my cool and refreshing Blueberry yoghurt shake and my denim wallet.

So will I come back at the Barangay San Lorenzo Sunday Market?

...Well, yeah sure just in case I am near the area. It still gives you a feel of Makati life on a sunny Sunday morning.

Till the next blog post...

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