Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Wuds: 28th Anniversary Celebration in Concert At the Park

This post is a repost of an invitation sent by NPDC to me with a few research about The Wuds.

Bobby Balingit (guitar/vocals), Alfred Guevara (bass guitar/vocals) and Aji Adriano (drums), collectively known as The Wuds, celebrate the 28th anniversary of the formation of their band in Concert at the Park, this Sunday, July 24, 2011, starting at 5:00 p.m. Venue is the Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium, Manila. Ms. Minette Padilla is program host. Admission is free.

Wuds’ program line-up, this Sunday, is as follows: SA LOOB NG GULONG (Guevara); TRAFFIC (Balingit); LOOBAN (Guevara); SARANGGOLA SA DILIM (Balingit); TAONG HAYOP (Guevara); TRI CORDI JOE (Balingit); SAMPAGUITA (Balingit); GERA (Balingit); SAYANG ANG ORAS (Balingit); RADIO FRIENDLY (Guevara); WE (JUST LIKE BEFORE); NO EXCUSES (Guevara); AT NAKALIMUTAN ANG DIYOS (Balingit); and INOSENTE LANG ANG NAGTATAKA (Balingit).

Admission to Concert at the Park is free of charge. The public is cordially invited.

A little background about The Wuds,

According to the online registry of Filipino Musical Artists, The Wuds is a punk band consisting of Bobby Balingit on vocals, Adji Alejandro on drums, Alfred Guevarra on bass. The band's first album was entitled "Fatal Response" which was released in 1985.

Apparently they also have a facebook page According to their page, "The Wuds were among the first — and most influential — punk rock bands in the Philippines. In the early ’80s, punk bands began to form in the Philippines as economic woes and political unrest started to fuel a burgeoning underground scene. The Wuds, along with Third World Chaos, the Philippine Violators, the Betrayed, and the Dead Ends, roared their amps in a country once dominated by easy listening artists.

Not surprisingly, there was little mainstream acceptance. Radio airplay was limited to Howlin’ Dave’s punk rock show on Manila radio station DZRJ. However, the Wuds and their peers found loyal support from the small independent label Twisted Red Cross and exposure through the Brave New World concerts. Given that rock audiences in the Philippines were divided between hippies and punks, violence was not uncommon; nevertheless, the Wuds were actually devout Krishna’s, quite different from the public stereotyping of punk rockers as immoral troublemakers. Throughout the ’80s, the Wuds remained outside of mass acceptance.

In the early ’90s, though, Manila underwent an alternative rock revolution and the Wuds were lauded as pioneers, especially by the popular punk group the Youth. The Wuds — featuring Bobby Balingit (vocals, lead guitar), Alfred Guevara (vocals, rhythm guitar), and Allen Calixto (drums) — released a long-waited debut album, At Nakalimutan Ang Diyos (And God Was Forgotten), in 1994. Raw and uncompromising, At Nakalimutan Ang Diyos solidified the Wuds’ status as one of the Philippines’ true punk rock bands. Two years later, the group recorded Gera (War), an intense record with powerful social and political commentary à la the Clash. The anti-war track “Ang Umibig Sa ‘Yo” (“One Who Loved You”) became a hit on Philippine alternative radio stations. In 1997, the Wuds released Nakaupo Sa Puso (Sitting on the Heart). By refusing to soften or polish their sound to appeal to a larger market, the Wuds continued their reign as the Philippines’ most respected veteran rock outfit."

I decided to keep the information as it is to get as much attention how The Wuds have been part of the local music industry that needs the Filipinos' appreciation.

See you at the Rizal Park.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Captain America is my utimate American hero!

All cartoon geeks out there who's been following the Captain America Marvel Comics series gets to see their ultimate American hero on screen. Just like Iron Man or the Avatar we are in the era where the technology behind computer-generated graphics can make what people can only imagine before.

Captain America for Marvel readers like me is one of the ideal heroes unlike Wolverine who was forced to become a hero or like Batman who had tragic reasons to wear the cape or Spiderman who accidentally got bitten by a radioactive spider, Captain America, on the other hand, chose to become America's hero. This is considering that Steve Rogers, Captain America's alter ego, started with a frail body.

And even if his physical activities were magnified (since ultimately Captain America is a super-enhanced human), his reason for becoming a hero did not change. He has as been true-blue (and red that is) extreme patriot of the star-spangled banner and that has never changed.

You might think why not Superman? He is more popular and cute right? But did you know that recently Superman has renounced his American citizenship. He is now is a global citizen while Captain America has been faithful to his country and people.

It is important to know where it all started from and hence, my favorite Captain America moment will be the first issue of the Marvel series which was released on March 1991.

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Have You Joined the Security Blanket Cookbook Giveaway?

A good friend of mine Vance Madrid, a celebrated blogger and author of, is holding one of the nicest giveaway contests nowadays. Just by following simple steps, bloggers can get a chance to win a limited edition cookbook from Nestle's Centennial Celebration.

(Photo courtesy of

Out of her generosity, she will be awarding this limited edition cookbook from Nestle's Centennial Celebration to one lucky winner of Security Blanket Cookbook Giveaway. This cookbook as Vance described it is for "those who don't know how to cook yet--but would love to learn as well as those who already know how to cook yet wanted to learn more".

I rarely join contests giveaways nowadays feeling that the spirit of contests have been tainted. Instead of having that good clean fun of showing our support for products we truly patronize, it has for me become what the message of the song Price Tag said "when the sale comes first and the truth comes second".

(To watch more covers from Karmin Music, check out

We try to convince companies how much we like the product but do we really use them or are we just after the freebies and prize? As I actually support Nestle and even tried their 14 Days of Fitness Cereals, I feel that having the limited edition cookbook from Nestle's Centennial Celebration will provide me more opportunities to show my support to the company and of course to the author of this up and coming food blog Even the name of the blog inspires you to just have fun with food.

For my take on Nestle Fitnesse Cereals, you can check:

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May the lucky blogger win...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Varekai by Cirque du Soleil: Review (with some comparisons with Flow of PAGCOR)

Yes finally my family and I were able to watch the famous Cirque du Soleil, a first here in Manila. Philippines thanks to its sponsors Manila Hotel, Rizal Park and Banco de Oro. My entire family has been anticipating all day to watch Cirque du Soleil's production entitled Varekai.

This will not be our first carnival show though. We watched Flow at PAGCOR some two years ago and we really enjoyed it.

That is why this blog post will be somehow a comparison of Varekai and Flow. I want it to be something different since most reviews that will come out about Varekai today will be people's general experience.

Let me discuss three aspects my review will be focusing on namely: location, price and performance. I am not a theater expert so my reflections will be purely based on my feelings and experience as a consumer.

To watch Flow you have to go to PAGCOR. PAGCOR is located at 1330 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita, Manila, Philippines. On the other hand to watch the Varekai production of Cirque du Soleil one has to go to Rizal Park right in front of Quirino Grandstand behind Manila Ocean Park. Your landmarks will be Manila Hotel and Roxas Boulevard.

For those with cars, both are easily accessible. For those who are commuting, I recommend to get a taxi. Still, if your saving for the taxi fare, there are buses that can pass in these locations but not exactly to where you want to be dropped.

Still if you can afford to buy tickets for these shows, I am sure you can make accommodations for a comfortable transportation.

The ticket prices to watch FLOW are as follows:
Ticket Prices:
Php 3090.00
Php 2575.00
Php 2060.00
Php 1545.00
Php 1236.00

These are the prices I got from the blog of

The regular tickets for Varekai are given below:


Flow was recommended to me by my former teacher. My nuclear family together with some extended family went to PAGCOR one rainy night and braved the flood just to watch the show. It was a good thing that the show was really entertaining because our car became a boat due to the flood. What I liked about Flow was that there was no dull moment. The stage was very lively. The energy is over-flowing and there are always people dancing everywhere. According to their facebook fanpage "Flow tells the story of “Dance” – a graceful creature whose cheery disposition and fluid moves work in synch to express her deepest affections. "

On the other hand, "The word Varekai means "wherever" in the Romany language of the gypsies the universal wanderers. This production pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition, and to the infinite passion of those whose quest takes them along the path that leads to Varekai." In Varekai, the audience is captured in the story of Icarus and the Bethrothed. Their discoveries becomes your discoveries, their adventure becomes yours as well.

For me, Flow is like a kaleidoscope. It's very colorful and dynamic. You can't really predict what's going to happen next. For Varekai you are most likely expecting a happy ending to a love story.

I find the stunts and performances in Flow more breathtaking than in Varekai. There are jaw-dropping moments as well at Varekai but I'm saying there's just more in Flow. Since Varekai is a story there are points I find kinda slow while in Flow the energy just keeps on going higher.

Therefore, stunts-wise and performance wise I give it to Flow. However for the aesthetics, costume, customer appreciation and service, souvenires all of those I hand to Varekai. The costume itself is part of entertainment while watching Varekai. It feels like the characters came from an underwater land or some magical forest. To be offered popcorn, hotdogs and drinks inside the tent also made it feel like a genuine carnival experience to me. The souvenire corner is also something not to be missed because the items being sold can be a collector's item.

On the other hand, I remember we had to fall in line for a long time for Flow. People are starting to complain and the ushers are nowhere to be seen. I can't remember if there is even a program or souvenires being sold for Flow.

For both shows, one cannot take pictures, video or use any electronic devices. They are strict about those things.

Last thing to be noted was that for the Flow production, our very own Manouvres dance group is part of the show. Varekai is staged by Cirque du Soleil which is a Quebec based company recognized all over the world over for their high-quality, artistic entertainment. Cirque du Soleil was founded in 1984.

For the Varekai you can read about the inspiration, acts and characters of the story in their very informative website. I am having a hard time doing my research for Flow though. Their facebook fanpage has only two posts!

Below are my favorite acts from Varekai.

And finally, my favorite Flow acts:

I consider my family and I very lucky to be able to have a chance to watch these shows and we hope that in one way or another my family and I have encouraged you to take these opportunities to invest time and memorable moments with your family.

Till the next post!

I would like to acknowledge the websites of PAGCOR, Cirque Du Soleil for the photos I used in this post.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What happened during the Philippine Marine Corps Silent Drill Exhibition at Rizal Park?

I thought my family and I will never make it to the Philippine Marine Corps Silent Drill Exhibition because it rained at 4:00 pm until 4:30. As soon as the sun peeped behind those gray clouds, we made our way to the slippery floor going to the monument. It wasn't clear to me where to find the silent drill exhibition but it seems that it has started because I see a crowd gathering behind Rizal's monument. A somehow broken voice-over announcing the start of the exhibition can be heard did not bother me rather it excited me because I made it to the start of the silent drill exhibition.

The presentation lasted for about only half an hour. It was great to see the soldiers so snappy in their uniform.

I am glad my family and I were able to witness this exhibition. Its not the usual experience you can find in attractions right now. I found Rizal Park very lively and warm which is not the usual mood people would think when they mention Rizal Park. Maybe this is really the advent of a new era for Rizal Park which is a park attracting people from all walks of life. A Park measurable to international parks note worthy to be one of the best tourist spots in Manila.